Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ummmm yea :)

This week we had our first baseball game Friday night at Wesleyan Private School. Their field is really nice and ranked in the top ten best high school fields. There is just one problem with it. It is way to short for high school baseball. The center field fence is around 345 feet and the left field fence is around 310. The right field fence is around 310 as well. Johns Creek High school and most high schools are around 345 in left and right and 380 at least in center field. As baseball players get older they are able to swing harder and throw faster. Physics can show as balls travel faster and the bats swing harder the connection between the two becomes greater sending the ball farther. Wesleyan is back to back state champs in baseball probably because they can recruit. The game started out great with us scoring two runs in the first inning. The score stayed the same till around the third inning where Wesleyan got on the board with one run. Then we scored another run and should have scored two but one of our players messed up on the tag at third. When a ball is hit up in the air and base runner can tag up and run to the next base once the ball is caught. Our runner left the base to early before the all was caught so he was called out. Unfortunately they scored five more runs the next inning when we brought in a new pitcher with doubles and two homeruns. One of the homeruns was just over the fence and would have been a pop up if we were on Johns Creek High’s baseball field. It would have been thirty feet short of our field’s fence. I played first base and it was my first varsity game. It was a blast and I had so much fun. We held them at 6 – 3 them but unfortunately we lost. We went there thinking we were going to get our butts kicked but we didn’t and it was actually a close game. We headed back to school around 740 PM. I went home and changed out of my uniform. I called some friends up and went to Taco Mac. I love Taco Mac and Taco Mac loves me. Haha I ordered my usual ten hot wings with French fries and ranch. I love ranch with their hot wings and French fries. I also always share hot queso dip with chips and tortilla wraps with everyone as a appetizer. We were there watching the Olympics. I do giant slalom snow skiing which is one of the sports that was on that night. It is a sport where skiers race down a course around flags and usually average over 80 miles and hour for girls and 90 miles an hour for guys. Bode Miller from USA won bronze which is really impressive for his age. In the women, Lindsey Von won gold and her team mate won silver.

In class we have been reading two books called The Great Gatsby and As I Lay Dieing.
I along with probably most of the class hate As I Lay Dieing. The moments where the reading is straight forward is good and I like reading it but the constant narrative changes are annoying. All I get out of the reading really is a major headache and a sudden need to put the book through a shredder or see if my fire really does need to be 451 fahreinheight to burn a book. The family is a completely creepy and need to get back to reality. I absolutely want my coffin built right in front of me, not really. The son is building the coffin in front of the mom’s window. She can hear the sawing and pounding of the labor work of building it. There is a few instances that show characteristics of the characters such as the one brother who walks through the old building and not around it. We had a big discussion over this but maybe he was just lazy? If saw a abandoned building I would definitely go looking through it. There could be really cool things and if its abandoned people could go in and break walls and windows. Boys always love breaking things. Its just plain fun and it rarely happens, meaning to happen anyway. In The Great Gatsby it is a lot more fun to read because its really plain English. I love the quizzes for it because I am actually getting good grades on them. I enjoy the drunken scenes because they are really funny. I love the scene where the guy in the library is like LOOK REAL BOOKS WITH ACTUAL PAGES LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! I would have felt really weird and would have said something like sweet bro I am going to go. Later he ran his car into a ditch and was like wait my car can’t drive? What’s wrong with my car? I think Jordan and Nick are going to get married or something. He must really like her when he accepts the fact she cheated in golf and doesn’t care when he is so bias on people in the world. I was expecting Gatsby to be a old guy and a loner. He is actually middle aged and throws huge parties. I do not know if the people there are actually his friends or not especially since he stands off to the side a lot during the party. Some of the people come to the parties due to it being open bar so they can freely get completely hammered. If you throw a party and say it is open bar you will probably get some people over who you never talked to in your life. Now it is time to go write that extra credit paper.

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