Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Class entry. On class.

This week, we started the “class” unit. Does it mean class as in AP Lang class? Or does it mean class as in –I-eat-caviar-in-an-evening-gown class? I don’t really know. But nevertheless, we did some poetry. YES! But, no. I do not understand poetry much. I get lyrics and such, but for some reason poetry just spins my mind. “But poetry and lyrics are like the same thing!!”. To me, they’re not. I mean they’re similar and all, but poetry is just, ugh, frustrating. For example: William Carlos Williams (sad name) wrote a poem about a red wheelbarrow. And it was famous. I mean I understand the simplicity and all of it, but come on now. I think my German Shepherd Sammie might be able to write it, if she had opposable thumbs, of course. My dog isn’t famous so why is this man? It seems that the least talented people always get the credit (cough, Miley Cyrus, cough). I don’t mean to offend Mr. Williams, but honestly. Come on now. It just isn’t that good.
But then again, I don’t comprehend or appreciate poetry. So I guess that topic was a little bit of a fail. Hm, what else did we do…? OH, we listened to a seventeen minute song and had to write a poem about it. I think mine went like “fast… blahblahblah… loud…blahblahblah… slow…blahblahblah… quiet…blahblahblah…”; you get the picture. It lacked substance.
Allusions are pretty entertaining, not the memorizing but the learning. While discussing some in our psych (or maybe it was U.S. history?) class, Julia and I (and Ciara????... my memory has failed me) all decided that the bible and greek mythology are some great sources. But what would be greater than… HARRY POTTER!? Laugh all you want. But seriously. J.K. Rowling did have some knowledge behind her naming of things, therefore it’s completely logical for them to be allusions. We could prance around Johns Creek going “something isn’t right with Jimmy, it’s like he’s drinking Polyjuice potion. He’s just a totally different person!” That example wasn’t as good as the one’s we discussed. But there were hundreds, and by hundreds I mean around 50, really good allusions that we came up with. I’ve yet to meet a person who despises Harry Potter (except my sister who hasn’t read it, so she isn’t one to talk). I vote one Harry Potter allusion. No Twilight ones. Just Harry Potter.
Lastly, I showed my congressman letter to my parents, just because it was sitting on the kitchen table. My mom read it and loved it. My dad, on the other hand, laughed and said “HA! If you want –mr. so and so- to respond, you need to ask politely. You can’t have a super strong argument or he will trash it”. Thanks dad. I think he was kidding though. But nevertheless he disagreed with my argument and thought that the insanity plea should be totally legal. Yeah.
This blog entry probably seems incoherent, so my greatest apologies. When my head clears it’s uncomfortable foggy phase, this will make no sense to me. Maybe, just maybe.

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