Monday, February 15, 2010


This week was boring and disappointing for me. The week got off to a bad start when the Colts lost the Super Bowl. I’m from Indiana, so I always root for the Colts. I’m not happy that they lost, but if it had to be another team, I’m glad it was the Saints. I really don’t even remember anything that happened during the week. The Johns Creek swim team was supposed to go to the state meet on Friday for prelims and on Saturday for finals, but the snow ruined that. Never in my life have I been more disappointed to see snow. I was so excited and ready to go for that meet. I checked online after I heard that it was cancelled and saw that they had rescheduled it for Monday and Tuesday. Then, the next morning I checked to make sure that it was still on Monday and Tuesday, but found that they had moved it to Wednesday and Thursday. They pushed back the state meet for nearly a week just because of a couple inches of snow. The roads weren’t even that icy. Everything melted after about a day. That would have never happened in Indiana. But, I have to remember that people are coming from other parts of the state too. All week during practice, I was getting tapered and getting ready to go fast at this meet. Now my taper is all messed up because they pushed it back so far. I’m so mad. Tapering in swimming is a fine art. A taper can be saved if something like this happens, but you have to be really careful to make sure you’re doing enough sprinting and enough aerobic stuff. I trust my coach one hundred percent though, so I should be fine. The bright side of this horrible situation is that practice has been pretty easy for an entire week. But, this could also mess me up because I have a meet in Austin, Texas in almost exactly two weeks and I was going to have an entire two weeks of hard work to get better for that meet and now I’ll only have one week. I’m kind of questioning how well this is all going to go. I’m excited for my meet in Austin though. It should be super fun and there will be a lot of college coaches there so I should get some good exposure. On Friday, when I should have been swimming, I was sitting at home. I finally got to go to practice at four but the traffic was absolutely horrific. We left our neighborhood, and came to a screeching halt. Then we sat through a light for four or five cycles. When we finally made it through that light we came to a screeching halt five feet later. At that rate it was going to take us over an hour to get there because the place I swim at is on Sugarloaf Parkway. So we decided to turn around and go home. Then I tried going for a run in the snow, which was fun and dangerous at the same time because I almost fell on my butt about five times. Overall, this week was extremely frustrating.

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