Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cannot Think Of Title

It is very early in the week to do these blogs, seeing as how last week’s were technically due yesterday. However, I have decided that my weekends consist of less school work when I complete these earlier, so here goes. I guess I will talk about the four-day weekend then. On Friday, it snowed of course! The day we have off is ruined by the snow (seems strange). Because of the snow I pretty much sat at home all day and did nothing. Except I did go to work at 5:30, only to be sent back home at 6:30 by my manager since I’m seventeen and ‘still a baby’ and have no driving experience. Seriously? Because last time I checked you were the one that slammed into a pole last week and got stuck in mud this week. I can’t complain about the extra free time, but since I severely lack in the fiscal aspect of life, I only made a measly 7.25 dollars. Oh, but we have to subtract government taxes! Thank you, Government. Thanks a bunch. I wouldn’t care about the minimum wage as of late, but frankly you cannot do anything in Johns Creek without cash in your pocket. There isn’t a beach to walk to, a lake close enough to swim in, or anything that is sanely priced. You want to go out to eat? Oh sure, just let me grab twenty dollars to not get a grade-d-meat meal. And especially “higher-end” burger places are ridiculously priced. Eight dollars for a burger meal thing is what they charge us. I can go to Burger King and get a tastier burger, semi-good fries, AND a frozen coke for four dollars! It’s pretty sad I must say. Okay time to not be complaining, ha-ha. Um, Saturday I went to work again and did nothing again at home. Except I went to the forum to go shopping! I couldn’t find much, everyone’s in their in-between-seasons selection. After that my friend and I decided to go to target! There, I found a cute shirt, pajama pants, and an extremely cozy warm blanket. Cozy is a funny word. Any who, that was an eventful day! On Sunday, Valentine’s Day –gasp-, I went to work again! It was very hectic with all the parents spending 600 dollars on their children. That’s a lot of ringing/ de-censoring! Nevertheless I felt accomplished at the end of the day. When I got off of work, I got those joyous texts of “How was your valentines day?”, “Who was your valentine”, etc. And what was my response? Uh, my parents are out of town, the house is totally silent, I think I’ll sleep. I made a very good choice I must confess.

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