Sunday, February 21, 2010

Free Entry

Ok, now it is time for the free response. As I described before, I chose this one to be second so that I could quickly breeze through it. Well I would first like to say that the Olympics are awesome. I wish I was born to some rich people in Jackson Hole or somewhere so that I could learn to ski at 1 ½ and be that good. I wish that I could just go down the Super-G course without going so crazy fast...if that’s even possible. Anyways, the US is the best in the world and everyone knows it. We are THE world power (I don’t care about all the “But what about China” crap you get every time you say something like that. We run this world...not China. They’ve never won a world war, invented something as cool as the car, or created a global peace organization. ) and we should and do dominate the Olympics every year. As Americans it is not acceptable to lose the overall medal count. Not the most gold, but the total medal count. That’s why bronze is just as good as gold; it’s still a medal. In the Winter Olympics we seem to win easier than in the Summer Olympics. The reason is that the great athletes in African nations don’t have snow! Profound stuff I know...
This entry is a bejumbled little collections of my life. So here goes the next story. On Saturday I had to go out and sell these stupid coupon books for baseball. I don’t care how good these coupons might be, NO ONE USES THE BOOK! Knowing this, I feel bad going door to door asking people to give me money for a piece of paper that they will never use. So what did I do??? I went to my friend’s house in St. Ives to sell with him. I wanted to go in there because in the Ives people will just buy the thing no matter what. Example: one lady after hearing the sob story of our team, she bought two at twenty dollars each. She came back with a fifty and said that the rest could be a donation to the program. THAT is why I went there.
The next story is of my friends getting arrested by the DNR today. After church, and Zaxby’s and Bass Pro, they wanted to go fishing. They had known about a stretch on the Hooch that could be easily accessed but there was a gate. The gate was open so they just drove in. They got out and were fishing for about twenty minutes when the DNR came. The DNR all got out and told them they were trespassing and fishing without permission. They tried to tell them that they didn’t know but the DNR told them no. Suddenly one of my friend’s dad came driving down the road. It just so happened that he was friends with the DNR guy. Thankfully my friends got away fine after that.

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