Monday, February 1, 2010

Post for this week

This post is about my thoughts on my encounter with two of my friends this weekend. They had some interesting views, and I was constantly thinking about it. That’s why I decided to write about it. My friends’ names were Damiyr and Miguel, and they criticized my thinking. I go to school because I’m forced to, but at school, I mostly learn about what the government can do and what the government has done. I always found it interesting, and I thought that one of the best ways to be influential was through the government. Yet, they said that that was a misguided idea. Government, Damiyr and Miguel said, was grassroots. What we, as the people, do and how we act is how we should confront government. They said that it was bogus trying to speculate all the time about what the federal government can do.

While they might have a small point, I still believe that for an individual to become influential, he should work through the government. There is another way for him to be influential. He needs to lead a movement. It’s a little bit different from what Damiyr and Miguel said because they supported grassroots government. However, a powerful movement would not be part of the government. It would be something separate from the government, and the only way to be separate from the government is by opposing it.

Another thing that Damiyr and Miguel really stood for was fighting back against white supremacy. I sort of agree on this issue. They should fight back against the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacists. Instead, Damiyr and Miguel always claim this and that to be racist, and it annoys me greatly. Although they know the individuals are not racist, they claim that the system is racist. While I understand their anger somewhat, I believe that they should try to be more peaceful and be rational when fighting back against the system. After all, it was MLK that saved the day, not the Black Panther. Also, if you just keep lashing back at people aimlessly, you lose your friends and your credibility.

Damiyr and Miguel also criticized debate. That sort of was insulting to me because it was an activity I participated in. Damiyr and Miguel called it racist, which really annoyed me for the reasons I stated above, and they called an activity that has lost its focus. I think that instead of criticizing it, they should instead try to actually participate in the activity and prove that the way we do things is wrong. Perhaps if they went with the system and beat us, it would show us that we have been doing it wrong. There’s no reason for them to stay in the sidelines and just whine about it. Also, they are always saying that we just want to win because we want the trophy. They call it pathetic and say that we should try to win because it would get our message across and help us with our goals. I think that this might be where they are most ignorant. The debaters don’t try to win because of a big plastic trophy. They all have their own agendas and are trying to help the world. They’re just using debate as a stepping stone.

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