Sunday, February 21, 2010

Free Entry

This week has been the most eventful week I’ve had in a while. It seemed like a really short week because we didn’t have school on Monday and then I had my state swim meet on Wednesday and Thursday. The only full days I had all week were Tuesday and Friday. The state meet was really fun, but also sort of stressful. I didn’t do as well as I would have liked mostly because the meet got pushed back almost a full week because of the snow. I think that was a really stupid decision anyway. I’m from Indiana and they probably would not have cancelled the meet because the maximum amount of snow anywhere in the state was four inches and there was not that much ice. They were going to just push the meet back to Monday and Tuesday, which I guess I can understand because there actually was snow, but then they pushed it all the way back to Wednesday and Thursday because of speculation of snow. It didn’t even snow. Also, in swimming, you can rest for some meets so that you are not as sore and you can perform better and swim faster in your races. There is a very particular way to way to rest for meets because if you rest too much then your muscles get too soft and loose, and if you don’t rest enough you get caught in a this weird in between phase where your muscles burn really bad when you swim. When you rest for a meet, you still swim every day, but you don’t kill yourself during practice. For me the perfect amount of resting is about a week. I ended up resting for two weeks because the meet got pushed back so much. That is the reason I didn’t do as well as I wanted to. I still did okay though. I went really slowly in prelims on Wednesday, but I still made it into finals in both of my events and both of the relays I was in. My only goal for Wednesday was to make it into the A final in the 100 backstroke and the A or B final in the 200 I.M. I met those goals but I knew I had to go faster in finals on Thursday in order to be happy with myself. So, on Thursday I did go faster but I still didn’t go faster than any of my personal best times. I ended up placing fifth in the 100 backstroke and fourteenth in the 200 I.M. Our Johns Creek relays did extremely well considering we are a first year school. Our 200 yard medley relay placed seventh in finals and ended up going two seconds faster. Our 400 yard freestyle relay ended up going the seventh fastest time in finals and went six seconds faster. I’m not on the 200 freestyle relay, so I don’t know exactly what their time was, but I know that they did well in finals and placed around thirteenth. Overall, the state swim meet was really fun and I got to know some people a little better.

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