Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sports, Sports, and More Sports

Brittany Liebenow

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21 February 2010

Sports, Sports, and More Sports

This has been a week of sports. All week I have been managing my homework levels to accommodate watching the Olympics. I actually start my homework routine identifying which assignments can be done while watching the games and which ones require my full attention. Luckily, and I suppose unluckily, for me, the Olympics start at 8 p.m. While this would usually be perfect for me, the good events usually don’t start until after 10:30. This creates a problem because, though I usually stay up past then anyway, my dad doesn’t see the television as a reason to be sleep deprived. I disagree, but I am not really the deciding vote in this situation.

Because I used to figure skate, I obviously enjoy watching the figure skating events. My dad used to ski, so I enjoy the skiing events too. Shaun White is awesome, so I planned on watching his snowboarding as well. Other than these events, I really wasn’t planning on watching anything else. Until I watched speed skating once. Then I fell in love with mostly short track, but regular speed skating as well. While most people are focusing on Apolo Ohno, and I admit I do love that guy, my favorite short track skater was J. R. Celski. Yesterday, Saturday, watching another skater literally grab onto Celski preventing him from moving into a qualifying position, I was horribly angry. Then, just when I thought the camera couldn’t lie and the judges would have to be smart enough to let Celski move to medal rounds anyway, the judges decided that the other skater should move on. I was so angry I yelled at the television for a solid 5 minutes.

I am actually trying my best to get these journal entries done in order to watch ice dancing tonight. When I figure skated, I liked ice dancing the best. If I would have continued to skate, I probably would have given up skating women’s individual free skate in order to do more with ice dance. I love the passion and the expression in ice dance that has really been missing in the other types of figure skating since the scoring system changed a while back. Interestingly enough, once the new scoring system became fully accepted at all competitions, I coincidentally started disliking skating. The acceptance of the new scoring system, although instantaneous on the international level, actually took a good bit of time to spread throughout the rest of the skating world. This new system puts too much emphasis on jumps in my, and many other past international champions’, opinions.

Then I found fencing, which made everything better. Continuing with the sports theme, I had the last high school fencing tournament of the regular high school season. I won the tournament completing a perfect season and am ranked first in the state for the high school league. I still have to do well at the state championships not only because I want to but also because if I don’t, I could lose my ranking. The state championship is worth triple the points, I think. So the pressure is on.

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