Monday, February 15, 2010

02.15.10 Journal

Four day weekends are what keep us motivated through the rough and boring school work; at least for me it is. I would stare at the piles of homework and think to myself, ‘well at least four day weekend is coming up soon.’ So this four day weekend, I spent it well by having a nice, workless three day of rest and starting the piles of homework on the last day of the break. Now I will be in a tired mood on the day back to school even though I rested for three days straight. I always think to myself that I should finish my homework and studying early and enjoy the last day without worrying about the work, but it never works out for me. The most interesting thing I have done this weekend was watching the movie “Dear John”. Dear John is originally a book written by the same author who wrote “Notebook”, Nicholas Sparks. With two main characters, of course a guy and a girl, the story starts off as a normal love story that is often seen in other stories. A guy jumps into the river to get the purse that a beautiful girl accidently dropped, and the girl takes him to her place to thank him. They become extremely close in a week and promise, even after a long period away from each other, to always be waiting and loving each other. The girl goes back to school and the guy goes back to the military. They send each other mails every time they get a chance to write, and feel like they are close to each other when they are in the opposite places of the world. Their cute love story ends when the girl sends him a letter saying she is engaged; the guy feels lost but later tries to forget her. The story should have stopped there. The story was already boring and dragging, but the later part where the man she got engaged to is unveiled made me and my friend frown. Some people might consider it an unexpected twist in the story, but I personally think it made the movie fall into the worst plot. The worst part is the ending. An accidental encounter of the two main characters who decided not to see each other again, is the most common and unwanted ending the audience expects. Maybe my expectation was too high, since I was expecting a better plot than the well made movie “Notebook”. But the less than two hours movie seemed like a three hour movie, longer than Harry Potter series. If I have to watch this movie or Avatar once more, I would choose Avatar without a doubt. Some compliments about the movies would be that the actors were actually fitting and the story didn’t seem choppy; it just dragged on too much. I hope the book is actually better than the movie, which is the case for most of the movies that are said to be ruining a great book.

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