Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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This past week went by extremely fast. Since it was a four day weekend, there was a lot of time to relax and hang out with your friends. There was also a snow day in which I pelted many different cars with massive snowballs. A couple of the angry ones got out of there cars to yell at me and one even threatened to call the police. However, they did not call the police because as soon as they got out of the car I started to sprint into the woods. Throwing snowballs at cars is really entertaining sometimes.
Our first baseball game is this upcoming Friday and I am not so sure that we will do so well this season. Our team is consisted of many freshman and sophomores and I am one of the few juniors or seniors on the team. I think that the freshman talent is very impressive however; I think we will be a lot better next year after they have matured one more year. Our season is made up of twenty seven games that starts from February 19th and ends on May 1st. I am excited to take the field again after a long off season.
I am nervous about going to school on Tuesday because I have an AP Statistics test that is going to be pretty hard. I also got my SAT scores back and am very impressed by what I got. I will not post what I got on the SAT but I will say that I did well. I also took the ACT last weekend however I do not get those scores back until February 22nd. I think I did better on the ACT than I did on the SAT because in my opinion, the ACT is an easier test to take. The only confusing part about the ACT is the science section. It gives you a bunch of tables and you have to somehow interpret what is going on. I did not think I did well on the science section at all, but other than that I think I did just fine.
We have to sell these coupon cards for baseball that are twenty dollars. The worst part about selling these cards is getting rejected by people especially when they are mean. However, when you sell like three in a row, it makes you feel pretty good about yourself that you can be a good temporary salesman. I have to sell twenty of these coupon cards but I have already sold eighteen. Our coach told us that if we sell fifty of these cards, than we will have a choice of getting a four hundred dollar glove, or getting a brand new iphone. I already have a nice glove so I would prefer an iphone if I ever reached the point of fifty cards. Fifty cards is a lot of cards to sell because it takes me about two hours to even sell ten cards. I hope this baseball season turns out well despite us being a first year program with a lot of young talent.

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