Sunday, February 21, 2010

Class Entry

And this shall begin my class essay. I have decided that on this very warm and beautiful Sunday that I will start off with the Class Entry. I will do this so that as I write the second entry ( by the process of elimination will have to be the Free Entry) I will be able to write it much quicker and I won’t bored. Because sometimes it is boring to write about class after spending the whole weekend trying to forget about class, and now as I write this I think about the long week to come. So here it goes...
Ok, I hoped you loved that little intro, I know I did. Well, I’m going to ask a question to you Glenn that you won’t get until much later but I don’t think it will really matter. My question is can I write about the play in the class section? I mean technically it’s not a part of class but you did spend some time talking about it. Also, an assignment involves the play musical. (I know that probably kills you when people call it a play). Anyways, about this musical...Knowing the musical was coming up by all the hoop-la that was being generated; I knew that most likely there would be extra credit. So, I planned on buying a ticket when all the cast members were selling tickets. But I then learned that I had to pick the day I wanted to go ahead of time. This was an issue. I went to my friends and we decided that Friday was the day to go. But then I never brought money so I never got a ticket from my friends.
But that was probably good because I found out the next week that I had a scrimmage at Wesleyan on Friday night. At that point I thought that I probably wouldn’t go to the show because I thought all my friends had already gone. But, I learned that I could go with some of my baseball friends. In Physics class (where we do absolutely no work) I got Mark to put aside a ticket for me. I was really nervous that I was going to show up and the show would be sold out and there would be no ticket. But Mark pulled through!
After all it took for me to get the show I could finally enjoy it. Now Mr. Glenn you must know that I am not usually a big musical fan but this show was a good blend of acting and singing. It had an interesting story from a time in history that is not talked about too much. It was easy to relate to the characters and get involved in the story. My favorite person was Grant Brown! It was funny to see him up there because I couldn’t imagine him being good at that at all! Also I loved the accents. Everyone did a good job keeping the accent the same throughout. It was a well put on show. I’m sure you did a lot of work to make it all happen. Thank you

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