Monday, February 15, 2010

Free Journal

Did that weekend really just happen? If so, that was quite possibly the shortest four day weekend ever. Ugh, I really don’t want to go to school tomorrow. I didn’t get any sleep this weekend and what I thought was going to be a relaxing weekend in the mountains soon turned into a stressful one when Monday—the day to do all my homework—came around. I hate procrastinating but this year I have basically become a pro at the art of procrastination. You see, I used to be that girl who got everything done weeks ahead of time and I was always the one who was super organized and prepared when it came to school projects, papers, etc. But, since starting my junior year of high school I have realized that I no longer have the extra time that I used to have. I mean obviously I still have 24 hours in every day but for some reason I cannot accomplish what I used to be able to accomplish in that time period. Maybe I’m lazy? No, at least not all the time. I definitely think that I have become less motivated with the mirage of senior year fogging my vision of completing my junior year. I really wish I could just skip this spring semester, jump right to summer, and then go on to senior year.

Ugh why does this semester seem so stressful and hard? Like, I feel like I have the same workload as last semester but the material with which I am being tested in all my classes seems so much more difficult. Like Mr. Glenn’s class for instance, this class has been stressing me out since the first day of school this semester. Why do you do this to us? I feel like the difficulty scale in this class has gone WAY up since last semester and according to my current grade in the class, I am not adjusting to the change well. I started out this semester with a 63 in the class. A 63!! I have never had a failing grade in a class before. Ever. So, it’s safe to say I started this semester off with a bang. But, Mr. Glenn, you are not the only one. My physics teacher Mr. Gabel is basically the equivalent to the devil. Oh crap maybe I shouldn’t say that on here, I don’t want to get suspended. Shh! Don’t tell him I said that! But anyways, he has loaded us with so much crap this semester it is ridiculous. I just had a test this past Thursday over 4 chapters in our physics book. FOUR CHAPTERS! Ok, that probably doesn’t seem like a lot to you but it is. It’s not like this is easy, simple stuff that we are learning. It truly is extremely difficult. Physics is so annoying and it really doesn’t help when your teacher decides to make you build your own homemade instrument on top of all that. I built a pan flute today. Yes, I made a pan flute on my day off from school. Love my life.

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