Monday, February 15, 2010

Everything and People

Brittany Liebenow

Other Entry (Entry 2)

15 February 2010

Everything and People

I have found that this whole non-class-entry thing just isn’t doing it for me. I really don’t have things to write about most of the time; I just end up ranting about something and pressing publish. I usually am in a ranting mood, but today I just really don’t want to write at all. I will now ramble about how I really don’t want to do anything.

This weekend I went to Memphis, Tennessee for the National Junior Olympics. I planned on getting my homework done in the 6-7 hour car ride there and back, but I got virtually no homework done either way. In my personal opinion, riding in the car and staring out the window were more interesting than homework. The more I think about it, I probably had more fun staring out the window than I would have had at home today if my homework was done. I really just hate where we live. So. Much.

But I just really don’t want to do anything. While everyone else had a fun, relaxing 4-day weekend, I enjoyed one of the most stressful weekends of my year. I seriously need a weekend for my weekend. On top of that, I have a high school fencing tournament next weekend. When the last thing I want to do is fence, having another tournament lurking around the corner isn’t exactly inspiring or exciting. It really makes me angry. I really never get a break.

And it’s not like I have something each day that bring happiness and relaxation into my heart either. While fencing practice used to be that, it doesn’t really anymore. I think that is the problem with me. I am very passionate about things but have a very short attention span with them. (That sentence doesn’t apply to fencing; the fencing thing just made me think of that idea). I am certainly addicted to fencing and will never give it up. It is just everything else that I get bored with.

People. I get bored with people quite quickly. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, quite a few exceptions, but the vast majority of the people in the world are so shallow that I can see right through them. Those people can be entertaining to listen to for about 5 minutes, but past that time period they get really annoying really quickly. Almost painful, actually.

I think I feel that way with guys too. They are very two-dimensional, and I get bored with even the nicest guys. I feel like if I ever am going to settle down with someone, they better do something really interesting, almost bizarre, on a regular basis. While most girls dream about stability, I guess I find myself dreaming about instability.

The problem with most people is their lack of depth. Most people just don’t have any depth at all. A lot of other people have flashy depth, I suppose. As you can guess, flashy depth isn’t really depth. It’s like icing; it can make the surface seem nice, and is enjoyable in moderation, but if I forced you to eat a plate of icing, you would not be a happy camper.

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