Monday, February 15, 2010

Free Entry 2/15/10

Four-day weekends are always the best. I love being able to sleep late more than one day of the week. Unfortunately, this weekend was not too exciting. It did snow, but I was mad about that since we already had Friday off. Also, the snow caused Savannah, Sandra and me to come home early from the mall. We did have time to go to Urban Outfitters though, which I was happy about. I had to help Savannah and Sandra find Valentine’s Day dresses. They ended up not getting any dresses. Sandra did buy this really cute top.

Thursday, I had to stay and watch the varsity girls play the first game of the season. It was really cold and I was wearing flip-flops. Of course, whenever my coach saw me, she kept asking if I was cold or if I needed anything. I kept telling her I was fine. Eventually, James and I went to his house and he picked up his snuggies. When we arrived back at the courts, everyone was in awe. The snuggie I used was a very ugly brown. But, hey, I am not complaining since it was very warm. Plus I just love walking around in a backwards robe. I really wish sarcasm were easily picked up on through writing.

Saturday was a chill day. I did go see that Percy Jackson movie. It was good, surprisingly. I was under the impression that it was going to be a very kiddy movie. Turns out it was not. They even had a scene where the three main characters got high off of this food called the lotus flower. Also, there were more adults in the theater than there were children. I guess that is because it was at the Avenue and not at the usual Regal.

Valentine’s Day is such a waste of a holiday. Honestly, I think it was just a way for the card companies to make some more money. Also, the chocolate companies do not do too bad either. My dad likes to celebrate this holiday because he gets presents. Usually, everyone gets a card, flowers, and a teddy bear. This year, however, Erica wanted to do something different. She decided to buy my dad a new camera. What ever happened to the twenty-dollar budget? She did not do so bad either. We got her candles, office d├ęcor, earrings, and a nice necklace. All the kids just got chocolate, money and a card.

Today was the busiest day this weekend. I woke up kind of late, but then the family had to go shopping. My dad knew that I had homework and other chores, but no, the whole family just had to go. We ended up just going to Sports Authority and Old Navy. I got some tennis outfits and a cardigan. My brother ended up being the lucky one this time. My brother practically ended up with a whole new wardrobe. It was time for him to get some new clothes though.

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