Sunday, February 21, 2010

Journal Entry 2/22/10

This past Friday the Johns Creek Gladiators boys Varsity soccer team took the first ever victory in the history of Johns Creek soccer; exciting, I know. We played North Forsyth and ended up winning 2-1. It was a fairly close game throughout the entire match. We scored in the first half to go up a goal until the Raiders got a free kick outside the 18 yd box about midway through the second half. Some kid jus ripped a shot, however very poor placement, but it didnt matter because our keeper was out of position and they scored. It was all tied up, but with about 20 minutes left in the game, Jimmy scored to put us on top again. We were able to hold the lead for the last portion of the game to ensure a victory. We play Lambert on Monday but the result might be drastically different because they actually have a very good soccer team.
Toward the end of this week brought some hopeful signs of Spring weather to come. Earlier on Tuesday and Wednesday it topped out at about 40 degrees for a chilly high, but this weekend has brought consecutive days with highs over 60. The good weather is a tad bit inspiring if you know what I mean. It put me in a better mood, which in turn makes me a lot more productive. I can't wait for Spring to come full blast with some nice sunny, breezy weather. Speaking of Spring, we only have 30 more school days until our long 9-day break. With the soccer season finally underway, these upcoming weeks will hopefully pass relatively quickly.
Last night I went to the first big production at JCHS, Guys and Dolls. I thought it was a pretty good play. It had a lot of singing and dancing which was entertaining and a few comical scenes which made it more enjoyable. Everyone seemed to have all there lines and parts nailed pretty well which made it that much better. In the entire auditorium there was probably only 20 or so empty seats. I was planning on doing the extra credit but this weekend I have so much to do and I'm getting a little bit lazy with things so I'm going to have to put that off for another time. I geuss I'll have to work that much harder to make the difference without the extra credit.
Well I don't really have much to say right now, I'm in one of those moods where you don't exactly feel like communicating much of anything, I geuss it's partially attributable to my laziness. I heard that seniors next year might not have to take a full schedule depending on how many credits you still have to get. Since I took three classes in middle school that counted for high school, I'm only going to need half the regular schedule next year to graduate. That would be amazing if I could just take 3 classes and then leave school and be done.

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