Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nice Weather

Today was absolutely beautiful! I didn’t even know what to do with myself. It felt like summer while driving in my car with the windows down and a tank top on (with pants not shorts but who cares). I love this weather, and actually this weather is better than summer weather because you won’t be dripping in sweat, sticking to your leather seats when you arrive at your destination. The first thing I did after waking up was take a shower, which was a new experience for me- not the taking a shower part, but taking a shower in the morning part. After that I went to the last 5 minutes of my sister’s first lacrosse game-technically it was a scrimmage though. I started out wearing a jacket along with my coat because I assumed like anyone else that in February that it would be chilly outside, not the case. I was sweating and my sister is a lobster from playing in her scrimmage and not wearing sunscreen. I didn’t stay there long because I had other things to do, not that watching my sister play wasn’t important I just had to get stuff done- I went to Home Depot. I there proceeded to buy wood paint to paint my dresser with because I just got a new dresser and wood doesn’t not match my room so that baby needed to be painted. It’s from the 50s but no one really wants to hear about my dresser. So Kristen and I spent a couple hours painting my dresser. We baked cookies and randomly washed our cars while waiting for the different coats to dry. My car hadn’t been washed since like October and it’s white so it was getting pretty rough in the cleanliness department. Same goes for her car-it’s white and needed a washing. It’s just really hard to wash your car in the winter because it’s so cold outside and the water is freezing, and being a poor high-schooler I can’t afford to go and just run it through a car wash at the gas station- that’s for private schoolers or when my mom gives me the money to do, which is never. So Dora got a bath-that’s my car’s name because she’s a Ford Explorer so her name is Dora the Explorer, I know it’s cute. I was feeling creative that day. But anyways we also made cookies because I can’t stop eating sweets lately. This whole Valentine’s Day thing just made me start craving sugar all of the time. That’s probably not a good thing, maybe I should give up sweets for Lent, but it’s a little late so why start right? I never end up giving anything up for Lent because I just don’t really feel like- If I want something then I want to have it. But my day ended great by going and seeing the play which I thought went really well. When Northview did it I left at intermission, but this time I was actually really enjoying it.

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