Monday, February 15, 2010

Journal 2/16/10

I just want to start off by saying that four day weekends are the best thing that ever happened to me. And I feel this way for multiple reasons. First off, a four day weekend means that one day from each adjacent week is subtracted for my personal leisure time. That leaves us with 4 days on, 4 days off, 4 days on. This schooling pattern is incredible. If we had that system all year around with maybe a one month summer and longer breaks, that would be ideal in my eyes. Theres just something about a four day week that makes it seem so much shorter than the traditonal five day school week. I'm not too sure what exactly it is, but it is awesome.
The JCHS soccer season is finally underway with a full week's worth of practices under our belt. Our first game is this Friday at home versus North Forsyth. I think that we should easily be able to beat them. In previous years they haven't been a very solid squad. Our team at first didn't look like it was going to be very strong but now that we have a starting 11 put together, I think we might actually be pretty decent. Our midfield is strong with a freshman at left, junior and sophomore in the middle and a junior at right mid. Coach Bowler seems to be very excited to get the season started. He gets really into the practices so I bet the games are going to be pretty intense. He wants to make playoffs and win state so bad. I think that that goal is within reach but we are going to have to play extremely well and get a little lucky for that to happen. I would love to have a state ring however. That would be so cool.
So my car has been struggling to stay running lately which is getting extremely annoying. Everytime I go to start it, it struggles to stay idled so I have to rev up the engine constantly for like 2 minutes everytime I start it. It makes me really mad because that is a huge waste of gas and an extreme annoyance. Considering the fact that I have to pay for my own gas and NEVER have any money just makes it worse like ten fold. It's whatever though because when the day comes when I am making absolute BANK as a doctor, I'm going to be rolling in the sickest whip possible. Right I'm planning on either an anesthesiologist or an orthopaedic surgeon, but either way, I feel like I'll be satisfied and the $$$ will be pouring in. But with all of Obama's pending legislation about healthcare, becoming a doctor could be the wrong road to take. In that case, I wouldnt mind doing something along the lines of engineering or architecture. Something with a lot of math and science is what I'm leaning toward because in school, they come easiest for me, so why not take a similar career path?

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