Friday, February 12, 2010

My first day off for Mid-winter break resulted in the wonderful combination of snow and being stranded away from home. Although this may sound bad, it was actually very nice. Everything worked out well in the end.
With the threat of snow on the horizon by Thursday, the snow seemed to be everywhere on the news. I, at first, did not believe this predicted weather. Snow is extremely rare in Georgia and seeing as how we’ve already had one, I couldn’t believe another was on its way.
Well, around one, this seemingly faulty prediction came true. The light, little flakes started their descent to the ground. The build up was very miniscule. So at first, I believed the snow would not be sticking to the ground, creating a white blanket over the landscape.
As these delicate flakes began gaining speed and numbers, the whit blanket began to grow. At this point, I was in a car speeding away from my house and towards Discover Mills Mall. Had I known the snow would prove so problematic, I probably would never have ventured that far from home. However, I did not comprehend the destructive power of this particular weather. So, my friend and I arrived at the mall a short time later, meaning like 45 minutes later. After just hanging out for a couple hours, I realized my mother had called me about three times and I had missed every one. After quickly calling her back, she said I should be heading home right then. I, however, had no desire to go back.
After arguing my way into another hour at least, I felt very accomplished in my debating skills. When that hour was spent, we emerged to find at least three inches of snow covering pretty much everything. After attempting to drive, we knew we were in trouble. The roads had become to icy to be safe to travel on.
We safely made it to another friends’ house near by and called it quits on attempting to drive. So after calling my mom, I found my self in trouble that could have been easily avoided. After having my ear yelled off, I managed to calm my mother and then found myself with the difficult task of explaining things to my dad. See, I was hanging out with one of my guy friends that my dada didn’t even know existed. This caused some problems needless to say. However I managed to twist my words into an acceptable mix of apologies and reasoning.
About an hour later, my father pulled into the drive way of the house I was stranded at. The whole way home I got lectured about not thinking ahead and then the mixed in lessons about driving in the snow. This was boring to say the least but better than what any of the alternatives could have been. In the end, it all worked out very nicely. I made my home safely and got to spend a whole day out. If I had a chance to re-do the whole day, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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