Sunday, February 21, 2010


I have finally commissioned someone to wash my car for me. Well, technically it’s not “for” me considering I’ll be helping, possibly. Anyway, yesterday ended up being pretty entertaining, at least post 5:30 considering I ended up doing nothing yesterday afternoon save for a billion loads of laundry. Or four. Take your pick. Anyway then I went down to some Marriot Hotel except the entrance looked like it was to the right, right? But it wasn’t! And so then we accidentally ended up on the highway and I started freaking out because it was almost dark and we were going like 90 miles an hour and I do NOT enjoy going 90 miles an hour at all. No way.
And so then we finally got to the thing and I immediately saw Murray just randomly standing there and so I hung out with him for a few until Tamra saved me. Of course Tamra was doing her usual thing, wearing a beautiful dress, the same she wore when I went to her modeling thing, 5 inch heels, a north face, her hair up in a messy bun and a bunch of black eyeliner. Now Tamra is just amazing. Not to mention she is the one person I know who has more ear piercings than me, and every single one of them are gauges.
So anyway last night was fun, the food was good, and the coffee was amazing and even afterwards was entertaining except for maybe the last half hour which kind of ruined the night. My bad. In more recent news, I’m drinking a slushie which my sister was nice enough to get me, and even offered to buy me $20 worth of gas and by God, I am so confused. Since I got home last night everyone has been so nice to me and it’s freaking me out. Such as this morning when my dad made me waffles and told me to eat them in front of the tv. What is this?! Completely odd. The only person who is not being nice is my mother because every hour, literally every hour, she confronts me about how I’m failing all of my classes. Cool mom.
And I thought they were angry at me because yesterday my language arts teacher from last year had the BRILLIANT idea to make us write ourselves letters on Jan 1 2009 and send them back to us sometime in 2010. Well my mom opened it. And she took my letter seriously. Even though it was a complete joke. To be honest, I don’t even know how she deciphered my handwriting. Incredible. Anyway, the whole thing was a complete joke and she should have been able to figure that out and so I think she probably eventually did so all’s well that ends well, or whatever Craig Owens wants to call it.
Lastly, I would like to point out that Johns Creek offers next to no sciences for seniors. At NHS we had organic chemistry, genetics, what have you, but here we have astronomy and human anatomy. To be honest, why on earth would you take astronomy? Granted it’s not as pointless as astrology but it’s pretty close. Now THAT is a stupid class.

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