Sunday, February 21, 2010

Free Entry 2/21/10

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, State for wrestling was being held. Being the head trainer, I had to go and support my team. Well, more like the two people that made it to state. One guy got out in the first round on Thursday, and the second guy got out on the second day. The second guy ended up placing eighth place. I was surprised that he could actually make it that far.

I ended up sitting in the Northview section because they had three guys at state, and I am friends with the trainers. Plus, the Northview wrestlers actually were in a good mood since they made it past the first day. Thursday, it was only Jenn and Tamra that came with me to watch. I was excited because I got to see my friend wrestle. He goes to another school now, so I never see him anymore. He did really well. He ended up pinning his opponent in the first period (out of three).

Friday, after school, Jenn, Tamra, Amanda and I went to watch Steven wrestle. The other two wrestlers got out while we were in school. It was almost eight o’clock, and Steven was about to go on. His opponent was from South Forsyth. I knew who he was since his family is the most annoying family ever. They ended up sitting behind us during the match. The kid’s mom looks exactly like Mrs. Murphy, except ten years older and with gray hair.

Steven’s match was the most nerve-racking thing of my life. He was down by like five and ended up beating the guy by a lot. All of the Northview fans were cheering because Steven was in the top four already. This is the first time in Northview history that someone has placed in state. The South Forsyth guy’s family was getting so mad. It was funny. They kept yelling at the referee saying how he needs to learn how to watch the match. They were just jealous because Steven is amazing.

Friday was also filled with several entertaining moments. One match, these two guys were wrestling when all of a sudden one guy gets punched in the face. The other guy then runs after him, but then gets tackled by four coaches and two security guards. The other guy runs away. These two guys were in the 215-weight class, so the guy couldn’t run very fast. He then tried to hop over the barrier and run up the stairs. The funny thing was that his last leg did not quite make it over. Another funny thing that happened was a trainer was really into the match. Her team lost, so she started yelling at the referee that he “needs to learn what to do” and how he “is the worse ref in the world.” After that, security kicked her out.

Saturday was a huge day. Finals started at five and Steven was supposed to be wrestling first. Amanda, Jenn and I all made t-shirts and posters for Steven. The shirts ended up being really cool. Steven ended up getting second, but nonetheless, we are all so proud of him.

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