Monday, February 22, 2010

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This week in school was a very good week because it was only a four day week. Firday we had our first baseball schrimage and lost by a score of six to three to Weselyn. We played extremely well for our first game, however a few minor mistakes cost us a victory in the end. I almost hit a homerun but I ended up hitting the ball right near the fence. The left fielder caught the ball as he smashed into the fence so in baseball terminology you could say that it was so called warning track power. Our first real game is on Wednesday against Milton. They are a pretty good team and there baseball program has been around a long time. I know a couple kids on their team from playing baseball in the summer and in my younger days between the ages of ten and fourteen. It will be a challenge to pull of this victory, however I think we can do it. All we need to do is play error free baseball and score some runs. Well I guess you can say that is all any one needs to do to win a baseball game. Also, this week I had two math tests in AP Statistics and Honors Pre-Calculus. These two classes are very challenging and I hope I did well on both of these tests. It is hard to focus in both of these classes considering I have math back to back third and fourth periods respectively.
AP Statistics is a little bit easier in my opinion considering that it is one of the easier AP classes, however that does not mean that it is an easy class overall. Honors Pre-Calculus is the hardest class on my schedule just because I have trouble with solving trigonometric equations and proving identities. That is the hardest thing that I have been asked to do in math so far. I also get my ACT scores back on Monday and I hope that I see some positive results. I thought I did well on the test, so I am eager to get back my scores. It is a lot different test than the SAT. The ACT you have to answer every question no matter what, or you get points off against you. In the SAT, the only way that you get points off against you is if you answer a question wrongly, then you get a quarter point off your final score. If you do not answer a question, it does not count against you, however you also do not receive any points. It is basically the same thing in the long run, however I like the SAT format a lot better. It is starting to become the end of February and the weather outside is getting warmer and warmer. I am sick and tired of the cold weather that has been reoccurring over these past four long winter months including February. We even had a snow day with a lot of snow. We have also had many different ice days in which the roads have been iced over.

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