Sunday, February 21, 2010

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I will start off by saying that this school week would have been absolutely dreadful if it were not for the fact that I missed two days of school this week. Ironically, that is partially the reason as to why this week has been so terrible. I guess I cannot really place the whole school day at fault, because it was more of the one or two periods that made this week especially frustrating.
Before leaving for the Bahamas on Friday, I was already well aware of the fact that I would be missing my math test and my physics test. Usually, I would not be fine with such an endeavor, but it was not like there was not much I could do. I was ready to take the both test the Thursday before I left to the Bahamas, so naturally the thought of studying either one of the subjects was not a possibility. However, in order to avoid being a total sloth for the entire trip, I did commit myself to finishing to SAT practice test whilst vacationing.
Unfortunately, since the next school day after a test means that there will be new material, my math teacher would not allow me to miss any of the information during the period. To make matters worse, my math teacher said that she would not be coming in early any day that week, and so I had two choices: I could either make up the test after school or I could come in during lunch, which happens to be the next period, and make up the test. Well since have no ride willing to wait for me to finish a math test after school, I was forced to give up my lunch period. Knowing from experience, I knew that I was going to be missing my entire lunch period due to the longevity and overall difficulty of our math tests.
Unfortunate for me, the worst was yet to come. Despite not knowing a few of the answers due to my short term memory and lack of dedication to reviewing the material at least once during my trip in the Bahamas, I finished the test with only a few minutes to spare. But this is where the hilarious part comes in. She only gave me half of the test thus I was forced to spend the next day’s lunch period taking this ridiculous test.
The worst part about this whole endeavor was the fact that I was taking these tests on an empty stomach and that my stomach would remain empty for the rest of the day. The last thing I want to be doing when I’m struggling to remember how to find average value, which I failed to remember by the way, is to be thinking about how amazing a cheese pizza would be right about now. Despite my dire situation, I finished my test only to discover that many of my peers had a difficult time completing it as well. So our teacher agreed to allow us to make up the test with different problems. This is kind of a double edged sword: on one side, I am allowed to make up all my careless mistakes and the problems that I had no idea how to do, but on the other side I had just given up two lunch periods for just about nothing.

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