Sunday, February 21, 2010

Class Entry

Mr. Glenn, I just typed two full journals of five hundred words each. You may be wondering to yourself, “well okay, where are they?” Well the funny thing is, while I was submitting my first entry on to blog spot, the computer I was using decided to download a virus which in turn deleted all my files. That would only happen to me. This whole week has basically been a series of unfortunate events such as this new latest and greatest occurrence. I figured it would be easy to re write these journals since I already wrote them once but to be honest I am so flamingly mad right now that I can not seem to remember much of what I wrote. This entry is going to be my class entry… or what is left of it anyways. Here goes:
I hate As I Lay Dying. It is so frustrating to read from the perspectives of multiple characters at a time. I truly feel that William Faulkner just likes to mess with little innocent eleventh graders who read his books. The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a little less annoying than Faulkner’s novel. Although Fitzgerald’s book is not quite a page turning, I would have to say, it at least is possible to understand what is going on. However, I still resent the fact that our class has to read them both, not only in a year or something, but at the same time. Why?! Torture. That’s why. Another torturous thing is when you get called on in class but do not know the answer. It is definitely a day ruiner to not get a smiley face next to your name. I do not know what they taught in school while becoming a teacher but usually when someone has their hand raised it means they know the answer. However, you, Mr. Glenn, decide to pick on the people in class with their hands down and simply ignore the ones (cough Brittany cough) who know the answer. That is cruel and unusual punishment. It is humiliating. Humiliation is mean and hurtful and if you do not believe me then maybe you should re read The Scarlet Letter. Back to the whole reading two books at the same time mumbo jumbo, I feel like instead of reading these two books together we should read two better books at the same time. For example, our AP language arts class should read Twilight and Harry Potter at the same time! Now those are two fantastic books that should be praised through the reading by eleventh grade students. I really wish I could remember what else I said in the class entry blog I wrote that got erased because as of now I have thirty nine words that need to be filled in order to turn in this blog! Now it is twenty four words. Anyways, this week was just really bad and this whole journal erasing was just super duper fantastic, too.

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