Monday, February 15, 2010

Class Entry

O the long weekend! Someone told me that we have had only one full week of school since the break. Well, then someone told me no that's wrong and we've had two. Either way I'd say that's a pretty sweet deal! With this four day weekend it ensure that we continue that tradition for a little longer. It also ensures that I got to completely forget about school. Because of that it makes this "In class" blog quite hard.
So where in the world do we start. I guess I'm just going to start with talking about these new books that we have to read. Yea, sounds like a good plan. Ok, so usually I am pretty happy about reading books because all we have to do is read and talk about the book. But recently it seems that some AP Lang teacher has had some additional stress in his life and feels the need to take out some anger and pain on his loving students that brighten his morning everyday in the form of quizzes...These quizzes are not fun. And they are worse when you have to take them the first morning after reading the very confusing book that everyone has said sucks. Also, your teacher is not even there because he decided that a four day weekend was not good enough for him. No, a five day weekend sounds much better. Anyways, knowing that the quiz was going to be brutal, I(after reading of course!) went onto spark notes to make sure that I had the story down. This plan worked out very nicely and I feel I did pretty well on the quiz. After I get done with this last journal I will be looking up the same thing for the 2nd book. That one is even more confusing because it is told by all the people in the story instead of one narrator. I like reading these books because it is easy to follow once you know what is really going on and it develops the characters well. But until you know what in the world is going on you can be very lost. That is where good old spark notes comes in! Even though I hope this teacher had a good super long weekend, there is always the chance he's mad. In that case I must be ready for anything. Um...I still have some space to fill but I don't really know what to write. I guess I'll just say that I know that the 6 week checkpoint( I don't know if it's called a checkpoint but that's what I'm calling it for now!) and I don't really know what the grade in this class will look like. Besides the quizzes we haven't had too many other gradable experiences. I guess I will just have to wait to see and find out.

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