Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Day

IN RECENT NEWS, I watched the news last night. Fox news. I guess that’s the least left-sided news program? It was Sean Hannity, so that’s a yes. Anyway, it’s time to get political. A little bit. The man who speaks to the press for the president is kind of a creep. There are other words to describe him, but I’m sticking with creep. First of all, he couldn’t answer any questions and kept saying “stop asking me the same question! Maybe if I say it the 8th time that I don’t know, then you’ll get the hint that I don’t know. I’m working on the answer”. The poor people in the audience, dazed and confused, just sat there going, “But… but it isn’t the same questions Mr. Man”. I don’t know his name either so he is Mr. Man. So we know he is a) ill-informed; b) slightly rude c) funny to make fun of. Then he just starts ATTACKING Sarah Palin. Out of nowhere. Isn’t this whole meeting to inform the press what’s going on in the White House? Cause he does a horrendous job of it. If the only thing he can do is attack Palin, not even on her political stances (AD HOMINEM!), then that is pathetic. I’m concerned for America. But in a few years our generation can vote and hopefully we will make some sound decisions. Cause frankly, nothing has really happened in the past year. Change? Where was that. Oh yeah, it’s all talk. Mkay getting away from that. I know some people have some intensely strong political emotions in our class.
I’m currently eating a Reese’s peanut butter HEART. Yeah a heart. Honestly the eggs when Easter rolls around are much better. But these are still good. Simultaneously, I’m listening to a band called The Classic Crime. His voice sounds a little like the singer from Scary Kids Scaring Kids. So now it is time to Wikipedia that.
Dang. He isn’t. BUT he did tour with Scary Kids, so I guess that’s close enough. I feel like I’m extremely redundant in these blogs. –Random, Random, Complaint, Random, Random, Political, Random, Random.-
If it’s Wednesday night, is American Idol on?? I’m too lazy to check the T.V., not that I’m getting a response from here ha-ha. Speaking of American Idol, Simon Cowell (sp?) is pretty much the best judge. He can be harsh sometimes, but honestly he tells them what’s up. I guess there’s no point in adding the fluff.
I feel like I have homework so it’s freaking me out just sitting on the computer typing these blogs. I’ve read the Great Gatsby stuff, so I’m lost with nothing to do. Except I will watch American Idol, if it’s on.
Some more random facts: My tennis match was cancelled, I now have to work on Saturday, I finally have money, I have a Stats test on Monday and As I Lay Dying is a little strange. The whole three pages that I read.

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