Monday, February 1, 2010

Whatever i want entry

This week, like last week, (and like the journal entry I wrote about last week), was just another dull and uneventful 5 days that made me want to cry out in frustration. Living here, in Johns Creek is so incredibly boring. It makes me wish I still lived in Bulgaria. At least there you could see prostitutes, gypsies, gun fights, robberies, and drag races. Here you’d be lucky to even see two people going at it in a gas station or something like that. Like what do people do here for fun? Do they do anything at all? Seems like they don’t.

Monday…yea I don’t even remember what happened on Monday so im just gonna go ahead and skip all of this and just talked about what happened at condition because lately that is the only memorable aspect of my life. Monday was the first day of mandatory condition for the Johns Creek soccer program and it was hell. First we gathered around and listened to Bowler lecture us about what was ahead and how tryouts had officially started. Then, we began sprints which continued throughout the first day. We did cones first and then did numerous 40 yd, 60 yd, 80 yd, and 100 yd sprints across the turf. I particularly hated these because of the fact that im not very fast. I am more of an endurance runner so I was struggling to keep up with some of the people in the second group (which is where Bowler put me).

Tuesday, conditioning continued as we ran a mile and did stadiums. The mile was our first timed activity as Bowler, clipboard in hand, readied himself to record our times. I finished 4th overall and my time was 6:04. Admittedly, this wasn’t my fastest mile and I felt kind of bad because I remember in the fall I ran a 5:45. I also found that I was pushing myself as hard as I could have so the mile wasn’t my best display. Stadiums, however, was a whole different story ( Bowler was timing these too). I finished first overall and my time was 5:20 which was the fastest I had ever run the 3-stadium set. Now I felt way more confident.

Wednesday, we ran the 2-mile and then did arms and abs. The 2-mile was frustrating. After having lead almost the entire time right at the end, right at the last corner when I was about 30 yards from securing my victory, who else but Fares Ibrahim ( who you don’t know because he is a sophomore) sprinted by me. I felt like crap. Arms and abs made it even worse.

Thursday, we started off by doing 5-stadiums. Since stadiums are my strong point I wasn’t particularly phased by this, but for some reason once I started to run, I felt like crap the rest of the way. I felt so strong all of the other days of conditioning and now all of the sudden inexplicably I was having a hard time climbing up and down the stairs. I came in second though which wasn’t too bad. My competition however, (Fares Ibrahim) beat me by around 15 seconds which was a massive gap.

Friday, Bowler told me that he had seen enough and that he wanted me to rest before tryouts. So I did nothing at conditioning. Tryouts are tomorrow, and I know I’m ready.

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