Monday, February 15, 2010

Poetry is a classic, timeless form of stringing words together to make expressive narratives that flow with a rhythm. It can be used to express love, joy, pain and all imaginable emotions.
It is also a very confusing topic. Most poets use strange, almost foreign language that is supposed to make sense to the audience. 9i personally think these poetic masters just pick random words and allow the audience to formulate their own interpretation. This way, they have very little work to do themselves.
After reading poems from William C. Williams, I have become more certain in this belief. This man has become famous for writing maybe three lines about seemingly nothing. No matter how hard I try to look deeper, I can not find a deeper meaning to the work. Who really, honestly cares about a stupid wheelbarrow? I don’t understand how it takes any form of talent to write these simple lines. It seems almost as if a preschooler was describing what he saw.
Along with the childish imagery, these writers also decided to make it all more complicated by adding strange punctuation. After dissecting the so-called meanings of poems, we then have to find even more meaning in the punctuations and indentions and strange divisions of the lines. I guess I can understand the attempts we make to figure out the meaning of the strange punctuations. Those actually half-way make sense. Most of the time I just don’t get the importance of what these particular writers were trying to say.
Another adventure that comes along with the territory of reading poetry is writing it. This task is so unbelievably frustrating. Most of the time, it’s hard enough simply trying to pick a topic. Then even after the topic is chosen, the idea of picking the best words and placing them in strings nonsensical patterns causes many headaches.
This week, I don’t really remember the day, a poem had to be written based off of one extremely long, annoying song. How is someone supposed to place words with a song that constantly changes tempos, tones and pretty much everything else? Well, I don’t exactly know. All I know is that my resulting poem is probably the most confusing thing ever written. Hey, maybe that means I can become famous now for writing poetry! No? Well that was pretty much expected. I guess there has to be the right amount of confusion mixed with simplicity. Oh well, maybe next time.
Anyways, I will be a very happy student once this section on poetry has drawn to an end. After discussing it with friends, I know I’m not the only one. The complications this section causes are extreme and hopefully they will be done soon. I can’t wait to move on to something new and possibly a little bit more exciting. If this section must continue though, maybe we can throw in some narrative poems? This would make it a little more interesting. Oh well, hopefully everything will get better soon.

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