Monday, February 15, 2010

Class Journal

So I don’t really remember what we talked about last week in class. Like at all. This is a problem seeing as though I have to write 500 words on something we discussed in class. Hmm maybe if I just keep rambling this entry will go by faster, but them Mr. Glenn would be annoyed with me and probably give me another failing grade in his class. That’s not cool so I should probably start to remember class time last week. I’ll pause and think. Oh! I got it! We studied poetry last week! Ha, wow I love my short term memory. But anyways, I actually did enjoy some of what we did in class last week. But, you see, poetry and I have this love-hate relationship. I love to read poetry but I absolutely hate writing it. I am just not a very poetic writer and my poems always turn out sappy and over the top because I feel the need to be overly creative and descriptive when I write poems. But I guess some of poetry is meant to be some-what sappy with imagery and sentimental detail and I think this modernist movement that we are studying definitely incases a lot of imagery. I definitely like this style of poetry better than long, drawn out sonnets and such. I like how there are no rules or real structure involved in the modernist poems. I like being able to just write without having to worry about the number of syllables in a line, rhyme schemes, or how many lines are in a stanza. Rules always stress me out but this modern poetry makes me feel more free, like I can do whatever I want without necessarily being wrong. I mean if someone can be noticed as an acclaimed poet for writing a few lines about a wheelbarrow I think this type of poetry will suit me just fine.

Hmm, what else did we do in class? Oh, we were assigned to write a poem inspired by some music from that time period that Mr. Glenn played for us in class. I actually really enjoyed this part of class, it was very relaxing and I though the music was actually really good despite the fact there were no vocals. My poem, on the other hand, not very good. But, it was a poem none the less and it was enough to complete the assignment. I tried, I really did but poetry just really isn’t my cup of tea. I have to write 20 more words, now 15. This is a terrible entry. Ugh I hope this week will be better, I need something more interesting to talk about. Oh crap I definitely counted wrong. I now have 25 more words to write. I should probably write something meaningful to end on. Oh, I enjoyed e. E. E. Cummings’ poetry. It was actually amusing and short of course. Ok, I’m done now. Wow this entry was really bad. I’m sorry. I’m really tired.

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