Monday, February 15, 2010

Class Entry 2/15/10

In class this week we started the “class” unit. We also started reading The Great Gatsby and As I lay Dying. So far, I like The Great Gatsby. The book is actually catching my attention. On the other hand, As I lay Dying is somewhat confusing. I don’t like how the characters are not introduced outright. I think reading these two books at the same time is not a good idea, but at least spark notes and I will become best friends.

On Thursday, with the sub, we were given a four-digit number. Each number corresponded to something on a list that was later given to us. I had to write four haiku about the style of Tom Wolfe, while using imagery and using the allusion about Pygmalion and Galatea. I am not a huge poetry person, but Thursday’s lesson was actually quite fun. This time with the sub was so much better than the close reading chart that we had to do.

This week, we also read poems by William Carlos Williams. I liked his poems because they were simple yet gave a message. I think his poems gave off the feeling that the simple things in life are always overlooked and taken for granted. When the class had to write a poem in the same style as William Carlos Williams, we all took a sigh of relief. We have been so used to writing essays that we always fear the worst.

I am not a huge poetry writer, but when we had to listen to the seventeen-minute song, something came over me. I was actually able to write. Words just kept flowing through from my mind to my pen. I was impressed. I hope that when I look back over the poem that it is not too terrible. Also, same goes for my William Carlos Williams styled poem.

I honestly do not remember what we did in class. I have such a bad memory that I do not even remember what I had for dinner Friday night. I think we read Peter Singer’s essay about fixing world poverty. Ah, yes, we did read that. I liked his writing. It was easy and it had a sense of sarcasm. I agree with him in some aspects. People today do not seem to care about others in need. They spend way too much on items that they have no use for. For example, why would someone’s fifteen-year-old son need a $45,000 brand new car? The kid does not even have his license. I guess that is what happens by living in Johns Creek.

I just do not understand what goes wrong with some people. Honestly, the poverty rates would drop so much if we all just give a little bit of money, clothes, or food to those in need. Especially since everyone is in a recession, it is important to help those in need. Soon enough, people who were well off could be the next homeless family. We should all help.

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