Sunday, February 7, 2010

Of course, I am not feeling well about this society. There is something wrong with it. I think there is something really dangerous creeping in our minds or, rather, into your minds; something very subtle, but yet very true. Something that only a few got a glimpse of while the masses are unaware of. Recently, there is an uneasy feeling going through all of our hearts; that something big, possibly Armageddonesque, is creeping up in our society. Well, I have seen this thing. I know it well. It is not some measly nuclear missile in some other country. It is not anything to do with terrorists or war. Oh, this is much worse. From assessing the practices and policies of our government, it seems like we are under attack from the most feared, most vicious thing ever, Communism!
Yes, I said it, communism. Our society is becoming communist! That is so ever present in multiple sectors of our society. In this essay, I will locate the problems and provide swift and easy solutions to cure us of this cancerous communism and restore our awesomeness and restore the awesome capitalism, the system that guarantees freedom and the American dream! So let us talk about education. Now, while the government uses their little euphemism of public education, I now know the true name of our system is socialized education. Just look at what has been done. There is a government agency called the department of education that basically controls this thing and we are giving education to the masses for free! That is just wrong! Think of how unfair it is that those who work and those who are lazy getting the same education. The solution is to make all schools private school. People got to pay for education! Next are our libraries. Now, how is it fair that some slum dweller who does not contribute to our economy have the same luxury of reading as some respectable cooperate owner who drives our economy forward? People should have to pay for their books! Finally, let’s talk about our biggest problem, the social service sectors. This is the biggest socialist regime in our politics. We literally pay people who obviously are lazy and worthless to be lazy and worthless. A simple solution is to abolish these socialist regimes (and, I don’t know, eat the poor?).
Now don’t get me wrong. I know you might be wondering that socialism and communism might be two things. That’s just your ignorance. Look at history, the Soviet Union and the Chinese are all bloody communists and look at them they are socialists too. You might argue that some of these socialist ideas are promoted in countries like Canada and Europe, well they are communists in disguise and we ought to point some missiles at them.
Look, these are examples of evil taking over. I have isolated them and I believe my observations are pretty accurate in describing currant politics. We are just oblivious that is all, but now that we know that evil is in our front door, we must abolish it to preserve the free market.

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