Sunday, January 31, 2010


The readings this week in AP Lang were actually quite interesting and enlightening. The readings on sex and homosexuals taught me some things I had never though about before and probably would have never thought to think about. It would have never occurred to me that if a guy has AIDS then he probably, more than likely, has been with other men-that’s weird. I also never thought about how homosexuals are more attentive to they way people act, dress, relate than heterosexuals because they want to fit in so much and want to feel a part of the world, just fit in somewhere. I think a lot, if not most, people think homosexuality is something people choose, but it’s not. It’s something that is just a part of people and they can’t control it, it’s who they are, and you can’t ignore who you really are. The quizzes on this story though was quite frustrating because I actually read the whole thing and yet I still got a failing grade-great I might as well not read because when I think I’ve got it I apparently don’t.

The Carver stories were a tad bit annoying because they left the reader asking questions. They didn’t answer anything and in “Fat” the reader was left asking what the point of the story even was. In “After the Denim” the purpose was a little more apparent but you had to put some thought into it. At the end I kinda felt sorry for the characters in “After the Denim” because he didn’t want his wife to have the problems and the reader can tell he really cares about her.

I think if there is one thing that I learned from AP Lang this week it would be to look more on the inside of people and not to just judge them from the outside. AIDS victims, homosexuals, an older couple, and fat people, they all have feelings and lives that we don’t know about. We can’t judge when we don’t know the whole story because we never know what a person is going through and how they could be really struggling and maybe all they need is someone to be there for them and just accept them for who they are. Everyone wants to feel like they are accepted and that when times get difficult or they need someone to talk to, they have someone there for them. People try to change themselves to match other people’s criteria of what they think looks good or is attractive because they want others to approve of them. No one likes being the out cast, and no one likes being a friend to the out cast because they don’t want others thinking they’re an outcast too. If we all just embraced ourselves for who we truly are then I think we would all be happier and stop chasing after things that will never make us truly content and happy. The world needs love and acceptance.

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