Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow? That would be a NO.

I am so stressed out right now. I feel like every one of my teachers has assigned projects that are either due this Monday or this coming Friday. It is so ridiculous and I think I am about to go insane and these journals aren’t helping my state of mind either. No offense. I think this is the first time that I have written my journals on a Saturday night. Wow. I kind of feel like giving myself a pat on the back for not procrastinating as much this week. Good job Kristen; you should be rewarded for not waiting till 10:00 Sunday night to do your journal, especially in such a stressful time as now. I mean who doesn’t like spending their Saturday nights writing 500 word journals for AP Lang? Ha, that was joke just in case you were wondering. Would you like to know the real reason I am writing my journal at 9:15 on Saturday night? I know you would just love to hear it!

Ugh! Ok, so this is the story. It all started off as a normal Saturday evening, my parents were going on a date to the movies, my brother was at a friend’s house, and my sister was babysitting. Normal right? So one of my friends who I had been hanging out with earlier that day called me up to see if I wanted to go to the mall, so like any 17 year old girl, I responded with a “YES!!!!!”. I had wanted to spend one of my gift cards I had received for Christmas for awhile and this was the perfect time to blow it all in one place. So my friend Mckenzie picked me up and we made our way down to the mall. The weather was pretty icky and depressing but quickly overlooked when we arrived at our destination. We went to one of my favorite stores, H&M, and within minutes my hands were full of cute clothes to try on. After narrowing down my mound of clothes to a few choice items I made my purchase and we were off to the next cute but affordable clothing store. As I was discussing the latest atrocious fashion trends with Mckenzie, I noticed that my phone was ringing and it was my Dad on the other line—this can’t be good—and I answered anxiously. Well, apparently it was snowing outside and from the tone of his voice one would have thought there was a severe blizzard headed for Johns Creek. He told me that if I wasn’t on my way home within the next few minutes I might not be able to drive home because the roads might freeze over. So, I reported the orders to Mckenzie and we booked our way out of the mall only to discover there was not ten feet of snow outside, there was not ice on the roads, oh and it wasn’t even snowing! But, apparently it was snowing earlier and could start again at any time, so I was still ordered to come home at once. Cool Dad, cool. Thank you for taking away my Saturday night because of snow that does not exist. Awesome.

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