Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Weekend

This week was the most boring week of my life. I don’t even remember a lot of what happened on Monday except for that I felt completely fantastic at practice. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were equally as boring. I started to feel pretty bad at practice on Wednesday though. I’m so sore because this week was my first full week back after being sick and my grandparents were here last weekend. Friday was a fun day though because I hung out with my friend from Swim Atlanta. School was super boring, and then I went to practice. After practice I went straight to my friend’s house. Her friend has a friend who was having a party and about five of us were going to go. It was going to be me and my friend, my friend’s friends, and her brother, who was home from college. So, we finally left the house at about nine-thirty to go drop her brother off at his friend’s house and go to this party. It took like thirty minutes to drop off her brother because they live in Gwinnett County and his friend lives in Duluth in this neighborhood that was really weird. It was like this huge collection of houses that didn’t have a name because there was no name for this neighborhood. This neighborhood was nice but weird because there was this street that went straight through it for about three miles. Then there was another street when you came to a T that went on for about two miles. This was a huge neighborhood and we were driving in it forever. We finally dropped him off, and then we went to go meet up with some people to go to this party. We didn’t end up going though because the people we were going with weren’t able to go because their mother refused to let them go. So we met up with this guy and his girlfriend who are friends with my friend and her brother and went back to my friend’s house. When we got to the house, the guys wanted food and so did we, so we went and got Taco Bell and Wendy’s at about one in the morning. Then, we all watched movies. It was the most random night ever, but it was fun. We went to bed at about four, and then I had to get up at seven-thirty to go to a swim meet. It wasn’t the smartest decision I’ve ever made, but I had fun so I think it was all worth it. I hardly ever cut loose and do something spontaneous because my schedule is always so tight, but I really enjoyed myself. After the meet on Saturday, I went out to lunch with my Johns Creek swim team friends and that was fun. When I got home I took a long nap. Then, I went to practice this morning. I actually had a pretty good practice today, but my legs were burning and my shoulders were hurting. All of the fun from my week came over the weekend.

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