Sunday, January 31, 2010

Free Entry

This week was a very hard week. I don't know why that is besides the flow of school and just how things have gone. I think it might be the first full week we've had all second semester but I'm not fully sure on that. Anyways, it was still hard. So this makes the weekend vital to surviving life. But, then I get to this weekend I have a ton of work to do: math hw, blogs, essay 2nd draft ,essay outline, physics test Monday. I try to get some of it before Sunday afternoon but it is so hard. These journals are the worst because I have to sit down at the computer. When I sit down at the computer not much work gets done. This is all the work I haven't been doing as I was sitting down doing journals. I started out looking up this super bow hunter guy named Cameron R. Hanes. He lives in Oregon and he bow hunts for Columbia black tail deer and elk. For training he runs marathons and does tons of exercises on most days. He is sponsored by Under Armour and many other bow companies. Then I saw a squirrel outside eating the peanut butter that was set out. I ran upstairs and grabbed my bow off its hanger and ran downstairs. As I opened the door the squirrel saw me and started to run away. I quickly had to get off a shot before it jumped onto the tree. Running squirrels, you will find, are much harder to hit than ones not moving. After both my brother and me retrieved our arrows I once again sat down to try to make some headway on my task. I was getting some good work on the blog when my dad and brothers sat down for lunch. They made a good amount noise and that slowed me down but I was still able to move through it. Then we saw another squirrel and my brother decided to take a shot at a squirrel up in a tree. After thinking that he hit it and finding out that that was not the case I came back inside an began to look up several sites on bow hunting for small game. This led me to trying to find other small game points. Since there is not too much interest in shooting small game with a bow it was a little bit hard to find. But, I had found some articles about the subject and various small game specific broad heads. After seeing all the different ways I decided I would make my own. I got out a coat hanger and some wire cutters to get ready to build my own squirrel killers. This took some time out of the time I should have been doing my journals but whatever. I then went outside to try out my new point on a ball in the yard when I realized I spooked a squirrel. After shooting the ball and being very mad at myself for not checking before I went out, I finally got down to doing the blogs. And I'm glad I finally finished them because now it is time to go to SAT prep.

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