Sunday, January 31, 2010

Class Entry

It is Sunday. The day for church, Zaxby's, SAT prep and blogs. So here I am sitting at the computer ready to go. Not really...I am reluctant to sit down and do this, but it has to be done so here it goes. I will begin with the class entry. Looking back at this week in the our class I guess I must talk about the quizzes. Those things really caused a ruckus among the people. It is because they were unexpected I think is the main reason. Quizzes are not that bad when they are expected. Sure nobody like quizzes but the idea of a pop quiz is just mean. If I was a teacher maybe I would give a pop quiz but not grade them and then threaten to grade the next one or something. Then, the quiz serves it purpose but no one gets hurt. But come on. Let's get serious. The only reason the pop quiz was invented was to force kids to read the stories. The points are not enough to make a serious dent in the grade but when you are taking the quiz and you just have no idea what the answer is then you feel bad and do not want to feel so bad again. If I was a teacher if in the situation that I had a really bad day( like my college football team lost huge) then maybe I would write up a pop quiz. It would be like a parent spanking their child. It hurts the parents to see their kid be in so much pain and the kid yell at the parent and tell them how much he hates them and how they don't love him. But, the parent knows that this needs to happen and it is good for the child. But as me as the teacher I would make the quiz very easy. Easy so that only the kids that need punishment will receive punishment. By making the questions so hard that even the students who did read can only hope for a 70% at best. Then what does such a quiz teach? "Read so you can get a 70% on tomorrow's quiz? I say nay. That is cruel and unusual punishment and I am glad to see that Mr. Glenn is coming over to my side of the thinking. After a bad quiz and a class period of complaining the student leaves the class saying, " Ok, that was bad but it won't happen tomorrow." When we saw that quiz we thought, "O no he didn't...O yes he did...Phew! Just the old quiz." I have hope that Mr. Glenn is on a good path away from the dark side of pop quizzes. I think the only reason we retook the quizzes instead of just throwing them out is that Mr. Glenn has a big ego about his quiz making ability. Because of that he had to use his beautiful creation. Hopefully he can get over that soon and we can all live happily without pop quizzes.

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