Sunday, January 24, 2010

cheese dip...lots of cheese dip

So I happened to read Brittany’s entry and I would like to make an official statement.
“Brittany Liebenow has been psychologically conditioned to eat cheese dip after every fencing tournament”. Thought that I would go ahead and put that out there. She is not lying! Fencing equals cheese dip! Particularly the “GRANDE” cheese dip bowl at On the Border. Oh yes, the cheese dip covers everything. And it is so good. So I could go on for four hundred and twenty three more words (now just four hundred and fourteen) about fencing and cheese dip but I will refrain.

You see Mr. Glenn? This is what you have brought upon yourself by assigning two five hundred word entries each week. Useless ramblings about cheese dip! Is this what you wanted? Who knows, maybe you really have a thing for cheese dip and you love nothing more than reading Brittany and my ramblings regarding its wonderfulness. Or maybe you would rather me just shut up and get on to something else. Fair enough, something else it is.

Please enlighten me. What exactly is the use of the SAT? I am sure that a large number of your students took it this past Saturday and would all love to know the same thing. Please enlighten us. Studies have proven that SATs are not good predictors of college success. In fact the only thing that they are good at predicting is whether or not the student will invest five hundred dollars to take a course teaching them exactly how to take the test that does not do anything useful! Although I suppose that the SATs have one use. SATs are an entire industry! Consider it. There are classes, there are workbooks, there are online courses, and I have a feeling that if I simply googled it I could find large numbers of SAT good luck keychains and lucky socks. That is the true purpose of the SAT, to keep a huge money making industry alive.

Other than taking the SAT my weekend was uneventful. I did not almost get bulldozed by a chicken truck or finish that time machine that I have been working on. Overall, nothing really got done. I ate. I read. I slept. Not a thrilling weekend by any means. Perhaps next weekend will have more interesting content and you will not be forced to read my pathetic attempts to reach five hundred words and make the entry at least semi intelligible. I would also like to petition that you do not count that pop quiz that we took as an actually grade. I read the piece and understood the topic but the questions were painfully specific. Watch, my little complaints will probably bring about some punishment such as more pop quizzes or something of the sort. I apologize fellow AP Language/Composition students; you can mob me later. Just please do not pull a Julius Caesar on me and stab me in the hallway or something. The janitors would not be amused. And neither would your parents.

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