Monday, January 18, 2010

Class Entry 1/18/10-Callie Corday

We, as humans, are addicted to violence. As Winn says, humans are addicted to violence. Whether it is on TV, movies, or advertisements. Why is that? Everyone does it. There is no use denying it. Whenever there is an accident on the highway or on a main road, we slow down and see what happened. We all want to know who was involved and how it happened.

Today, the news mostly consists of tragedy and violence; yet we still watch it. What is the point? The truth is, we like to watch people suffer. As bad as that sounds, it is true. When someone falls down, we try to hold in our laughter. But, for some of those people, they can’t control it. I am one of those people that giggle when someone trips, but if something worse than that, I try to not laugh.

Our society today is filled with violence that we are almost numb to its effects. We tend to no longer cringe when movies show a guy slicing off another guy’s scalp (yes, I am referencing Inglorious Basterds). Or if we watch Hannibal Lector take of another guys skull and eat his brain. When one is first exposed to things like that, we freak out. We almost have the sense to turn off the movie and just walk away. But with each passing day, we lose that. We find ourselves wanting more and more.

With video games like Call of Duty, Halo, Grand Theft Auto, fueling our thirst for violent thoughts, we only seems to want to compare how many people we have killed or how many cars were stolen. When my little brother plays Call of Duty, he becomes a completely different person. His mannerisms and behavior is almost opposite than he is when he is playing football. He also finds himself saying things that he never would have said as an eleven-year-old boy. He got in trouble a few months back for saying some things that did not fit his personality.

All over the world, we are forced to witness horrible things. We can only sit back and watch. What is happening in Haiti today is bad but there is something still present inside us that want to help. No matter how badly we tend to enjoy tragedies, we want to put time and efforts to help people who need it survive. Even if it is only money, it means a lot to those people in need. We also like the fact that we can say, “Oh, I helped. I’m such a humanitarian!” Everyone knows that is just an act.

Violence is on our nature. We all have a guilty pleasure for it. That is why the action movies are always rated the best; also, the movies about harsh events in our histories. We just simply can’t avoid it no matter how hard we try. It’s about time we give up trying to get a peaceful nation. The streets will always be filled with crime. Countries will always be filled with war.

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