Saturday, January 30, 2010

Random Post

I really don’t have anything important to talk about yet so I suppose I will just ramble on until I hit a winning topic to talk about.
This weekend has been boring. Nothing was really going on last night so Jessie and I sat at my house and watched “Chelsea Lately” and ate cashews for hours. Fun, I know you’re all jealous. Today I woke up at ten and immediately started working on my blogs! Yay blogs! I am very disappointed that it did not snow last night like the lying weather lady said it would. This now means that I have to go to work in a couple hours. Bummer. I just checked the word count on this document and im only at one hundred and twenty four words; that is depressing. I am highly dreading rewriting my paper because I have so much other stuff to do this weekend. I probably should have done it last night even though it was pretty crazy and eventful…not.
I am almost certain I failed my math test yesterday. Mrs. Alderman just did not have any sympathy for us when we pleaded for her to extend it until Monday so we could have the weekend to study. We begged her. Her answer, you may ask? No. That was it. No. Oh okay, thanks. There were only sixteen problems on the test and I did not even finish. It was a great day yesterday, let me tell you.
I am excited to see “Guys and Dolls”! I am not so excited to write a paper on it in order to receive extra credit.
I’m only at two hundred and seventy words.
The month of January was literally the slowest month of my life. It has never been so hard for me to get back in to school mode after a break as this one was. Even though it was only three days, that first week dragged on like no other. My birthday was this month, too. It was not that exciting; I mean being seventeen does not really have any real benefits besides getting to go see rated “r” movies and being able to get tried as an adult in court. Exciting.
Also, after meeting with my ridiculous counselor, Mr. French, I found out that for me to be able to graduate this year, which I had been counting on for months, it would cost me eight hundred dollars to take the online classes. Eight hundred dollars! The best part is that Coach Mercer told my friend a different story and she only has to pay three hundred and can go to summer school instead. Not only was Mr. French wrong it what he told me, he was a complete jerk during our meeting. He literally sat there and made fun of me in front of my parents. When I told him I wanted to graduate early, he responded by saying, “Well I don’t want to be here either but you know what, I have to be.” How thoughtful of him to say.

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