Sunday, January 24, 2010


Jay Barden
This Friday in AP Language Arts was very interesting. We performed a strange activity as a class and executed it well in my opinion. Students first had to pretend like they could not use their legs and had to crawl the whole length of the room in order to get a sheet of paper. Then, once they reached the paper, they had to write their name on the paper. The only problem with this is that students were forced to sign their name with a body part other than your hand. For me, I put the pencil between my toes at first and failed miserably in trying to write my name. It was not as easy as it looked when I saw other people doing it. However, I was eventually able to write my name after I shoved the pencil between my arm and my elbow. After, we wrote our name, students then had to draw a self portrait, an even more challenging activity, using a body part other than their hand. This was probably the most difficult task out of all three tasks that had to be performed. We then watched a video of a man that spoke Spanish and another handicapped man draw portraits using other body parts than their hands. They were very talented artists, however the Spanish one refused to live any longer because he said his life had no dignity in it because he would only be tasting the crumbs of life if he were in a wheel chair. I agree with this statement from him. I feel extremely sorry for everyone that has to deal with the pain of having a wheelchair every day. After watching these videos, I had to try and think of something to write in order to keep the Spanish artist alive. He wanted to pull the plug on himself and eventually did, however we were hypothetically, if he were still alive, trying to write him something that would make him change his mind about killing himself. I was thinking hard for something and had an extremely hard time thinking about something that would change his mind. I finally put handicapped skydiving even though I am not sure that it exists. I wanted him to see that I was being humorous and serious at the same time. Having said this, I enjoyed doing the class activity on Friday and it made me realize how difficult it would be if I was a disabled human being (physically). If you cannot experience the full life experience because you are handicapped, it is very depressing. I do not know that if I was made handicapped right now, if I would be able to endure the mental pain the rest of my life. I have also just finished reading the Fat story from the Carver Stories and find it a difficult piece to read I cannot understand if the author is trying to make the food seem like a drug or not to the extremely large man. He just keeps eating and eating and wanting more and more food. I feel sorry for him because I know people that can’t help eating that much food. Their larger bodies demand them to consume a lot more fatty foods so that they have enough energy throughout the day. I guess I will find out more explanation of this story tomorrow though.

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