Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh, Hey There.

This week has been a good one so far I must say. Monday we had the day off because of MLK day. That day was a semi-uneventful one. I woke up at ten, went to work at eleven and came home at two. Then I played tennis for a while. Then I just bummed around the house the rest of the day. It was nothing noteworthy, but hey, what can you do?
I’ve started watching movies a ton lately. I usually don’t have the time to just sit and witness, on multiple occasions, bad acting. But over the course of a few weeks, I somehow transformed all the time of not watching TV into hours of watching movies. It’s a big difference, I know. 
Wednesday was by far the most amusing. The school day was average, but after school was pretty hectic. I went to tennis try-outs; because that’s my sport I guess you can say. I was expecting people to be mediocre, not too fabulous. But I was severely wrong. They all were pretty talented! Now, I’m actually semi-worried about making a team. Stress is no good. After tennis, I realized it was around six o’clock. Was I supposed to work? Oh, yes I was. And I was supposed to appear at my place of work at five thirty. Erm, whoops? I called, they understood. Everything was all good! I went home, changed super fast and turned back around. After playing a few hours of tennis, you work up quite the appetite. So since I was already late to work, why not make it later? I decided to be a genius and drive through McDonalds. The one near me has that double-drive through lines. (Do they all have them?) Well, if you have ever been to one, it doesn’t mean that they take orders at twice the pace, they just make it seem like you’re waiting less. Well let me tell you McDonalds, I can see right through that diversion. It is a trick. I had to repeat my order three times to three different people. Two cars next to me went through before me. I just sat there, and I didn’t love it. Your slogan is a lie.
So I finally get to work, say hello to my fellow co-workers, and briskly walk to the back room where I can eat my cheeseburger in peace. Well, sort of. I had to eat it in five minutes because our store just got a boat load of shipment in and guess who had to start rearranging the store? On top of folding miniature sparkling clothing, I also had to mark-down the already marked-down clearance. I went through the racks one by one, adjusting the old school sticker gun to the right price, and placing a sticker on every item of clothing. About thirty minutes into it, I started wondering why we are using such a pre-historic device. Don’t we have digital ones to type in the number for the machine to spit out? What is going on? We can clone animals but we still use old price-markers. –Sigh-.
But overall, this week has been superb.

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