Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to Figure Out What is Right

Morals are usually ideas or norms of society that decrease pain and suffering. For instance, the golden rule of doing upon others what you would want upon yourself can be considered a moral. Other things that might lessen, such as not lying and not killing, are moral issues. However, there are grey issues. For instance, is it okay to kill 5 people in order to save 6? There are differing opinions on that question. These morals can be counter-productive to society because they can just spark conflict between people with differing opinions on morals. The Crusades are a well-known example. Yet, even this methodology might be “immoral”. Rather yet, the search for morality might be “wrong”. The search for the truth might be “incorrect”. There are so many different ways to consider what is real that it is just a waste of time to try and consider what they are. Since one can never be sure of what is right, what should one do? Be your own god, and create the morals that you want. Even if you think you disagree with this idea, it is what you are doing right now.

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