Friday, January 29, 2010

Are Uggs the Equivalent of Crocs?!?!?! :)

This is the forth blog post! That means that we have been back to school for about a month. That seems crazy at the moment. But then again, every day of last semester felt that we were still at the beginning of school. This week was extremely extensive; there was tennis practice every day (because I made the team!!) and then I had the occasional occurrence of work. So that means I finish school at 3:25, get changed, head off to practice at 3:45, practice until 5:30 (but leave practice thirty minutes early to get to work if I happen to be working), and then work until ten. Where should homework fit into this? Oh yeah, it doesn’t. Thankfully I rarely have homework save studying for a test or reading for this class (which I do not complain about because the majority of times the stories are interesting). Speaking of stories, have I got a story for you! It’s nothing of the exciting sorts, but it was pretty tragic for me. At work on Thursday, our whole entire system decided to crash. We couldn’t take checks, credit cards, gift cards, or anything! Well, maybe we could have taken cash, but realistically I know of no one who pays for their spoiled children’s three hundred dollar purchase with actual money. So my manager and I are just standing there, watching the “FATAL ERROR” screen pop up in pure astonishment. In the meantime, the mid-40 year old woman in Uggs, a Northface, and Buckle jeans (shouldn’t those ‘fads’ not be worn after the age of, oh, 20?) was horrified. Couldn’t we do something? Couldn’t we just pull out some screw-drivers and fix the whole system? She is willing to pay! She is giving us our business! How dare our system crash; what terrible customer service! So here I am apologizing to you. I’m sorry that our system failed and we could no nothing about it. I’m sorry I made you late for your women’s scrabble club and that the pizza you ordered and claimed to make may be cold by the time you get home. Never mind the fact that we can make no transactions and no one knows what to do. All that matters is that you and your leased BMW should get home in ten minutes.
That made me irritated. (And if you own a BMW and are offended by the above comment, then don’t be. My family owns a BMW also. I have nothing against them). And speaking of cars, what happened to working for what you get? Since when do fifteen year olds get brand-new top-of-the-line cars? The likelihood of them crashing them is at such a great high, what’s the point? Can’t they just get a Chevrolet? Or maybe a used Mazda? I don’t understand why people just snap their fingers and get a brand new Mercedes because they got an A. It amazes me. Won’t this limit our work-ethic? Call me old-school, but I am never buying my child a car. If they want it, they can buy it. With their money. Money that I didn’t give them. I worked for mine, they should work for theirs, right? I believe our parents are well off because they worked for everything they have. For them to hand us everything we want is actually crippling us, isn’t it?

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