Sunday, January 24, 2010

Free Journal

Ok, so this week was actually one of the better weeks I have had in a while. Well, I guess it did have something to do with the fact that I was only present at school three days so that’s probably why it seemed to move quickly and soundly, but nonetheless, good week. The reason I was not at school on Tuesday (because I know you were wondering) was because I woke up feeling like Alvin and the Chipmunks were singing in my stomach—it was terrible! Yes, I was sick, but it was a different kind of sick, like it wasn’t the flu or swine or any of those gross things, it was just like an “ew” feeling that caused me to *cough* throw up. I hate throwing up! It is seriously something that I detest with the uttermost passions of my soul! I mean, I don’t know anyone who enjoys purging but it is the worst feeling ever. I don’t know how bulimic people survive, like oh my gosh, why would anyone ever WANT to throw up?? Like, that is something I guess I will never understand, EW, so gross.

Anyways, besides my run in with the throw-up bug, I had a pretty relaxing—mostly—stress free week. I didn’t have much homework or if I did I definitely didn’t do it, and I got to hang out with some of my Northview friends that I rarely get to see these days. It is so nice to be able to come home and not have to worry about tests or projects and to just relax. I actually have gotten around to cleaning some of my closet that has been buried in dirty clothes and other unknown materials for who knows how long. I mean, not exactly a glamorous after school activity but definitely something that needed to be done soon in fear of drowning in all my junk. Ok, so now whoever is reading this probably thinks I am some gross, dirty person, but I swear, I am a super neat freak, and I am exaggerating quite a bit for the dramatic effect…sorry for my incredibility. Just go ahead and sue me. Hmm, I wonder if I spelled “sue” right, is it really spelled like the name? I guess I could go look it up but why would I waste my time doing that when I could be journaling? Ha…joke.

One hundred more words to go…ok ninety, but who’s counting? That would be me, I have been eying the word count box at the bottom of my left hand screen ever since word two, all I want to do is go watch the Saints vs. Vikings game…yes that’s right; for all you sexist boys out there I want to go watch football. I hate it when guys yell at girls for their superficial interest in sports, but I actually REALLY enjoy them, so back off! I’m pulling for the Saints, Brett Favre is an, well I won’t type that, but I really don’t like him at all. Oh look at that! 511 words, guess we will have to talk about football later.

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