Sunday, January 31, 2010

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Today I re-discovered an amazing time killer, Facebook bumper stickers. Some of those things are literally the funniest thing you will ever see. The best part about them is that you can see an inappropriate one next to a love one, next to a random cat wearing an orange. I kid you not, it appeals to all of your emotions in less than forty five seconds. Anyways, thanks to my refreshed memory of how amazing these bumper stickers really are I will no doubt be spending two hours more a week wasting my time into the nothingness of internet. Splendid.

Speaking of the internet, I was introduced to the sneazing panda this weekend via youtube. A clip I could watch twenty times in a row and not get sick of it would definatley have to go to this one. I jumped I laughed so hard when I first witnessed this creature getting a sniffle in his nose. The full body thrust in HD youtube made my life complete. It might not have been in HD but if youtube created an HD channel, Ithink they would a. be almost as smart as me or b. be reading Senor Glenn's Ap Lang blog. Run away screaming the twighlight zone is closing in.

Thinking of youtube triggered me to think about acting which then lead to Thescon. I am seriously so thrilled about thescon. Best Valentine's day weekend by far. I am going to go all out for zombie prom. Not only that but I will also get to have four days full of acting acting acting. AWP is going to be there which I am ecstatic about because I, unfortunately, have not gotten to see them alot this year. Excitement, excitment.

The show is also the weekend after thescon which is half scary, half exhilerating. I am so thrilled to be performing but I am nervous we are unprepared. I have been tryign my hardest to bond the cast and stay on top of my responsibilities but it is hard none the less to not be nervous. Butterflies are a natural feeling for any performer to endure but should I be feeling it two weeks until show? I am not so sure.

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