Sunday, January 24, 2010

Free Entry

Ahhhhh! Time for the good 'ol free blog. For this free blog I will recount my day yesterday. Yesterday I had to go to SAT prep up past Bass Pro Shop. I spent a good hour there and then I came home to eat lunch. The original plan was for my friends to meet me over at Bass Pro but since I thought before I was spending two hours, they were not due for another hour. I drove all the way home, ate lunch, and called my friends. They were about to leave but could not wait three more minutes for me because they had to get back at 5. Leaving at four, I had no idea how this would happen and I also had no idea why they needed to get back. That was not an issue because I was trying to catch up to where they were. At Bass Pro I got a different size of a shirt, got a Browning sticker for the back of my car, and got some special arrow heads for killing squirrels. Yes you read that right: KILLING SQUIRELLS WITH MY BOW. Aint nothing safe in my backyard! So then after all that we had to race on over to the Best Buy over at North point to pick up an amp for one of my friends. As I drove over there I assumed that Best Buy had ordered it for him and he now just had to run in and pick it up. No no he was meeting a person from Craig's List to make a private sale. The location was agreed upon well before hand through email but this person just couldn't get it together. We decided to call the number given. When we called there was an obviously less educated, lower class person( who's race was obvious by their voice but will not be published in this writing because it'll be on the Internet and then I'll be a racist). who had NO IDEA where we were. She told us that her boyfriend would be calling us shortly. He called us back to tell us that he was currently in the process of selling his house: his house that was near DISCOVERY MILLS! Yes the same discovery mills we had just left and drove thirty minutes in the opposite direction. So then, my friends all piled up in their car to meet at whole foods as I decided I had enough fun for one day. And anyways...I needed to try out my new squirrel killing machines.
Speaking of killing squirrels my friend bowed one this morning! He was about to take a shower. He had his boxers on and the water was running. He looked outside to see if it was raining when he spotted a squirrel eating some corn he had laid down about thirty yards away. Still in his boxers, he grabbed his bow and came to full draw as his dad walked by. Before he could ask him what he was doing Andrew answered the question by drilling the squirrel in the side with his arrow. It flipped in the air and flopped over. What a way to clear your head before church.

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