Sunday, January 24, 2010

Disabled for a day

On day, over the week, the class was told to meet in a drama room and be prepared to dust and dirt on their clothes. On hearing this, I was pretty amused but a little questionable. What would we be doing that required these kinds of preparations? Would this be work or fun or just plain embarrassing?
As Friday approached, I grew slightly anxious for what we would be assigned to accomplish in the hour. Ideas floated around in my mind, influenced by other thoughts thrown around by friends. As we entered the room, I noticed papers laying all over one end of the room. I was confused by this aspect and didn’t understand what purpose they would serve. Waiting for class to start, I was talking about what could possibly be going happen. It seemed everyone was empty of ideas.
When the final bell rang, class started with an order to go to the other side of the room and sit down. We were all lined up, opposite of the papers on the floor. This is where the class got very…interesting. The next set of directions included placing the legs backwards. This resulted in everyone, cramped on the ground, lying on their stomachs. The next step was a frantic race to the other side of the room. The goal was to drag yourself along with only using your two arms and obtain a piece of paper and a colored pencil. The race aspect was to gather these supplies that laid closest to you.
To accomplish this task was extremely difficult. Slipping and sliding across the tile floors to reach the papers closest before anyone else could steal them away. As I struggled to gain ground and pull ahead of everyone, I was also presented with another challenge that seemed to only target me. The kid behind me was using a chair to drag himself along. Now, this would have been fine except for the fact that the chair was running me over as he pushed it along. With this added aspect, I really needed to increase my speed, to avoid getting run over by a chair with a desperate person behind it.
As everyone finished this frantic struggle, we were told the reasoning behind it. Today was the day we would all become “differently able”, disabled, or crippled. This was to further investigate the readings of those with damaged bodies and the lifestyle they had been forced to adopt. As our day of disabilities progressed, we were faced with different challenges that those unfortunate people would have had to deal with and how they adapted to them. The next step was writing our names with our left foot. This strange task resulted in very scratchy scribblings over the paper. This corresponded with an individual that had learned to write with his feet.
Over the next few obstacles given to us, I saw how terrible it would be to be disabled. I know personally I would not be the type of strong person that could handle it. I would want out. That may sound terrible but being so restricted and dependant on others to perform simple task for you would be a miserable existence. I truly hope I never become injured in such a way that I have to resort to what these people do.

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