Saturday, January 23, 2010

Journal Entry

So this week I decided to get a jump start of my blog entries and write one on Saturday for a change. I had a sudden urge all of a sudden to write an entry so here I am. Also, it is championship Sunday so I need to do some of my homework today so that I can watch the football games tomorrow. I gotta say that I like writing blog entries a lot better than the journals. Those journals were a real pain and I am glad that we have gone our separate ways. Writing five pages was beginning to get more and more difficult as I ran out of ideas and things to write about. My life is not super exciting so I felt like I was blabbering on about nothing, but now the entries are the perfect length and I don’t feel like I have to write about pointless things to fill up the paper.

Anyways, last night I went to the movies with my friend Lindsey and we saw Extraordinary Measures and Leap Year (yes we saw two movies for the price of one, but we won’t tell anyone that). These days, going to the movies can empty out your piggy bank pretty quickly. The theaters offer “student” tickets for $9.00 but they do not sell student tickets on Friday and Saturdays. Well of course they don’t because I mean teenagers don’t go to the movies on Friday or Saturday night’s right? Wrong. I think this is ridiculous; if you are going to sell student tickets than you cannot pick what days you can sell them on, you need to sell them every day. Besides the expensive ticket prices (add about three dollars if you plan on seeing a 3D movie by the way), the price of food is just as ridiculous. Eight dollars for popcorn, five dollars for candy, and like six bucks for a drink. With the way things are now I am surprised that they haven’t started charging bathroom or theater entrance fees. As someone who goes to the movies almost every weekend I feel that I have the right to get a two-for-one deal every once in a while.

Well now that I am done ranting about the cost of going to the movies I will talk about the movies themselves. Extraordinary Measures, the new movie about a father’s quest to save his dying children, was good but not as good as I had anticipated. Judging from the commercials, I thought it was going to be really sad and emotional. It wasn’t, not at all. I think I would give it two and a half out of four stars. I’m not a big fan of Brendan Fraser but he did a pretty good job. I would recommend renting it over seeing it in theaters. Leap Year was a cute movie, a little on the corny side, but it was good. I am almost at 500 words (man, the time has flown by) so I will start wrapping this up. I woke up at 5:45 this morning because I had took the SAT at North Springs today. I’m pretty exhausted so I think I’m gonna go hit the couch and take a little nap. Adios.

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