Friday, January 29, 2010

You Will Get Pregnant and Die.

The title refers to Mean Girls...

I’m exhausted and it’s only 4:30 on a Friday. Oh five day weeks, why are you so cruel? This week was reading intensive again. And at the current moment, I am trying to figure out what we even read. Last night we read the Yellow Wallpaper and that was pretty crazy. I don’t understand when she ties herself to something and just creeps along the edges of the room, getting yellow on her clothes. What did she tie herself to? Because I do not think that it was the bed. The woman was out of her mind. And I also think that the room she was contained in was (or maybe is?) an asylum. Why else would the bed be bolted down into the floor and have scratch marks in the floor? When I read that part I got the worst feeling. I can just imagine a frazzled person trying to scratch their way out of the room by digging into the floor. It literally made me cringe. At the same time, though, it made me want to visit an asylum. No, not the abandoned ones that everyone flocks to at night because it’s just oh, so stealth, but the ones that are still up and running? Are people allowed to take tours of it? It’s really a remarkable thing to think about. We live our lives with no worries. But these people in asylums are just out of their minds! Do they know that they are? Do they think that everything they witness is a fragment of their imagination? Or do they think that it’s real? If they thought it was fake, would that be what’s driving them crazy? I think that their mind is so deceived by things that they believe things are true. But there may be a part of their mind that thinks and knows that something isn’t right. That’s what makes them mad crazy, because if they didn’t know what was going on then there would be no reason for them to be so frazzled over things. Ignorance is bliss. So obviously being mentally unstable isn’t.
Another thing we read was Safe-Sex Lies. On some levels I agreed with the author. But I’m not one to run around and analyze AIDS awareness campaigns. Yes, I definitely think people should be aware because you can get it. But the odds of getting it in certain communities are slim to none in some cases. No, we shouldn’t have random intercourse with everyone we think is attractive. But we shouldn’t let the disease stop us from something we truly desire on occasion.
Then there were the Carver stories! Those were… interesting. They were very open-ended and could be interpreted multiple ways, which is good in some cases. But for me, I like to know what happens in the story. If I wanted to improvise, I could sit and daydream. I wasn’t the biggest fan of those stories.
I have kept up with the reading for the past four weeks and hopefully I can continue this feat. Hooray!

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