Sunday, January 31, 2010

Journal 01.31.10

There was a wrestling tournament at Johns Creek High School this Saturday. I signed up for a volunteer work at seven o clock but later got moved to a eight o clock to eleven o clock session. I was supposed to work at the hospitality, which I had no idea what would be like. I first thought it was a nurse’s office where players who got injured would come to get some kind of treatments, but I was wrong. It was a place for the coaches, referees, and the all day long volunteers to eat. Our job was to prepare for the lunch period, because there was supposed to be a big rush when it is near the usual lunch period. I saw some of my friends there, and it is always better to work with friends than random people who you have never seen before. I got my nametag and looked at the signs to figure out where the hospitality room was. Since I do not take PE, the down stairs gym place was a new hidden place for me.
The first thing I saw was a long table with more than fifteen slow cookers. They all had a small label in front of them with the food’s name written on it. The other helpers were doing their own works, so it took the student volunteers a while to figure out what to do. My first job was organizing the brownies. It sounds simple but it requires a lot of thinking to place three different kinds of brownies with three different shapes into one plate. There were caramel brownies, white chocolate brownies, and double fudge brownies, and they were not the best thing to smell in the morning with your empty stomach. Washing the dishes was my second job. There were so many pot lids stacked on the desk that two people had to help drying the dishes. It would have helped me speed up a lot if the sink was an actual sink that I don’t have to crunch down to reach the bottom.
When it became the rush time where big muscular coaches and several student volunteers came to eat lunch, I felt the proud feeling of a mom when she watches her kids eat the food she prepared. Even though I didn’t actually prepare it, the hard work I have done to decorate and organize the foods that were spread all over the place seemed to be paying off. When it was nearly time to go, I went to ask if I could stay a little longer since I worked only for three hours. I decided to stay an hour longer and help them clean up and fill up the water containers. After all the work was done and the place seemed to be settled down, I got the hours signed and left with a proud feeling. So this Saturday, I was at the wrestling tournament; it is just that I didn’t watch any wrestling games but I was there to watch the coaches eat.

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