Sunday, January 24, 2010

Journal 3B
Robert Overholt

Hope for Haiti Now.
I like the idea of this benefit concert, but really? 51 channels? For this benefit concert to be broadcasted on fifty-one channels, you would think it would have to be an awesome concert. In my opinion, the concert was a hit. Various artists of many different genres combined to make some great music. Everyone performing sent strong messages about the hardships that are going on in Haiti. Some of the artists included Dave Matthews, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Bono, Keith Urban, Coldplay, and Stevie Wonder. I was shocked at the impact this concert would have. There were some songs, however, that I was skeptical about. Dave Matthews was great in his song Alone and Forsaken, but he was paired with this random guy that was absolutely a creep. He made the goofiest faces while he sang and I was on the floor laughing watching this guy. Wyclef Jean also had a questionable performance. He is just not my style of music. I felt like I was doing some sort of tribal ritual as he sang. Yet, the point of the concert was not the music. It was to raise money for a country that has been through a period of extreme destitution. I was truly inspired.
I was also glad to see that the Clinton Bush Fund made an impact in the concert as well as at several NBA basketball games. Foundations such as this one give me hope for American politics. It is rare to see two opposite politicians come together like Clinton and Bush have. They understand that political opinion takes a backseat to global progress. They are out to help others, and I admire that… as much as I may disagree with certain policies they both condone. These two politicians have set a positive example for politicians in office now. Forget voters for once. Do something good for the benefit of the country; don’t just do something good so you can win over some more voters. I feel like politicians have stopped caring about the progress of our nation. They simply worry about being better than the last dirt bag that left office. The truth is…they are all dirt bags. Republican and Democrat. The Clinton Bush Fund is a breath of fresh air.
It seems like everywhere I look I see some sort of supportive effort for the Haitian earthquakes. I simply wish that we can be this helpful before an earthquake occurs. Why can’t we help before the earthquake occurs. I believe these earthquakes in Haiti are a wake up call. There are many places besides Haiti that need relief as well. Hopefully the movement for Haiti can transcend into more efforts for other developing nations. The atrocities that are taking place at Darfur and in other African nations have been forgotten as a result of our own problems in America. Granted, we must fix our own nation. But I think it is time to reach out. America is rich. We can afford to help a little bit. I sound like a democrat right now.
Socialism is bad… Charity is not.

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